PP number: PP822

Name: Mustard

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £150


Hiya everyone I’m Mustard! I’m an orange winged amazon, I’ve been with my safehouse dads a few weeks now and I’ve really come out of my shell! I enjoy sitting on top of my cage watching the world go by, I literally don’t move other than to go back in my cage to get food or a drink,
My safehouse dads said ‘I’m a plucked little chicken’ but since being with them a few of my feathers are re-growing which is good!
I live in a room with other birds but these don’t bother me, I tend to keep myself to myself! I make some funny noises and have been speaking when my dads are around,

I currently eat Tropican lifetime formula pellets and love them! I love my chop also, and will do anything for some palm oil!

I’m happy if people are around the room with me, but I don’t like people trying to touch me, I tend to make a loud squark if someone gets too close which is always funny!

If you think you can offer me a loving forever home with plenty of time to sit on my cage and watch the world pass me by then please apply!

Hopefully see you soon!
Love mustard xxx

Location: Wolverhampton

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