PP number: PP506

Name: Bentley

Species:  Alexandrine

Cage supplied: Yes 

Adoption fee: £125


Meet Bentley, an adorable 4 year old Alexandrine

He is such a happy little chap and is a pleasure to have here while waiting to find his forever home.

Bentley is happy being free for most of the day to enjoy doing his own thing, he is a brilliant flyer so he can get where he wants pretty quick as hes not one for walking. He will take food/treats from anybody but if you hand is empty he will fly away although this is something im working on, that being said he will step up to a stick (in his own time) to be put in his cage if needed. His chosen bedtime is usually between 6-7 when he will go in to his perch himself ready for me to close up.

Although Bentley doesnt speak he does make some beautiful sound and really enjoys vocal interaction and is partial to the odd whistling contest every now and then. While here Bentley is having to share the room with my LSC TOO and all is good there, with only a few minor squabbles if one goes on the others cage.

Bentley is currently fed on a variety of fresh veg/fruit (regular combination changes to keep him interested) and a low sunflower no peanut seed mix, and he does eat well. During the time hes been here i have noticed he seems that bit calmer when approached by my wife so would say he's a ladies man.

This little chap will brighten up anyone's life and with time and love im sure he will progress more and more.

Location: South Wales 

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