PP number: PP846

Name: Kiki

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £150


Hi I’m Kiki, I’m an Orange Winged Amazon and have been with my safe house dads a short while!  My dads say I need a home where it will be a male carer, as I do tend to take a disliking to the ladies! Since being with my dads I’ve really come out of my shell! I love chatting away saying ‘hello baby’ and I like to sit on my cage watching the world pass me by!

I live with other birds at the moment and have shown no interest in any of them, my dads say I love my food, I’m currently on AS30! I do like chop also!

Since being with my dads I haven’t stepped up yet, but have ventured out to sit on top of my cage, and have treated my dads to a little fuss! My dads think that with time I will get a lot better and build my confidence!

If you think you can offer me a male home, with a carer who can spend a lot of time helping me build my confidence and providing me with a loving forever home then feel free to apply! Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

Love Kiki xxx

Location: Wolverhampton

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