PP number: PP670

Name:  Magic

Species:  Green Cheek Conure

Cage supplied: Yes but really needs a more suitable one to call home 

Adoption fee:  £100


Hi I'm magic and I'm a 1 year old Conure who is just beginning to learn about life.

I'm currently eating Tidymix and vegetables on a daily basis and fruit twice a week as a special treat. I quite like my food and don't think I've tried anything I don't like yet.

I like to fly onto the humans head and spend a lot of time chilling there. I will  accept head scratches but I like to catch them out on occasions and give a little nip. Although I am getting better and learning humans don't really like it..... I can't help it though sometimes.....it makes me laugh.

I'm in a room with the smaller birds and we all get on pretty well although we all have our bossy moments. I love toys and love shredding paper this keeps me very occupied

I'm not keen on been sprayed but I know I need a wash..... I sometimes bathe  myself in my water bowl.... this makes my human pull a funny face she always moans that I've made a mess and she has only just changed the water.  Well I'm not gonna wash in dirty water now am I?

The humans at my safe house all think I'm cute and enjoy having me around. They said I will make someone a wonderful companion and I have the potential to learn a lot, I suppose learning can be fun.

My safe house mum says that the smaller birds sometimes get over looked which is really sad as we can be good company and although I'm small I have a big personality.... I could give those big birds a run for their money. I know my human wants me to have the best home she will be sad to see me go.... she may even cry a little bit and those smaller people that live with her, they will be very sad to see me go. 
So if you want to make a little bird with a big heart and personality very happy, we can make many years of happy memories together,  then look no further.... I'm your bird xxx

Location: Sutton Coldfield

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