PP number: 

Name:  BOB

Species:  African Grey 

cage supplied:  Yes corner cage 

Adoption fee:  £0 - Cities protected 


Hello ladies and gents, my name is Bob and i'm an African Grey.

When I arrived to my Safe House daddy, I was in a poor condition, extremely stressed and petrified. As my daddy has allowed me to do things at my own pace, my stress and anxiety has reduced dramatically. I'm very nervous around people and don't like to be touched (yet) but I have settled into life at my daddies home and will now take almonds from his hand straight away.

My diet was a bit rubbish when I arrived, pet shop parrot food so my daddy has transitioned me onto a healthier as30 diet and I'm being offered all these new vegetables and sometimes fruit too, some of it is growing on me. Each day my daddy opens my cage door and I like to get out of my cage and just sit on my neighbours cage and whistle random tunes, sometimes my neighbour screams at me, she's a silly cockatoo!

Bobs sex has never been confirmed and its possible he could actually be a female according to the leg that his breeding ring is on.

Bob may have a bald tummy but he is a beautifully deep bird. He has never once tried to bite us or shown aggression, only fear and backs away from hands. However he has quickly become very comfortable in our company. He will accept treats and will try and talk with you, although its jibberish haha. He just loves to sit on his cage and whistle away and when its time for bed he can be gently guided in to his cage with no issue. 

One of bobs nares is bigger than the other which the vet thinks is due to a previous infection. He has also had his wings clipped, quite badly. Bob needs a home where he can be allowed out of his cage for the majority of the day, he really is no trouble. He would benefit immensely from a patient care giver who will allow him to do things slowly. He hasn't plucked since being here and is starting to get some tiny feathers coming through so hopefully with good enrichment, a continuation of his better diet and regular mists, his feather condition will hopefully continue to improve.

Bob will make a great addition to somebody's home and I truly believe that as his confidence improves so to will his willingness to be touched, you can see that he wants to interact but is just scared. Bobs previous owner did say that he really did not like men, however this has not been shown in his time here as he has settled well and willingly receiving food from me and interacting with no aggression at all.

Location:  Manchester 

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