PP number: PP724

Name: Tutu

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £150 


Hi everyone my name is Tu Tu and I am currently in a safe house due to my elderly lady owner been unable to continue to look after me. They are not sure how old I am and have been told I am a girl. I am happy to be called pretty girl which my safe house mum calls me a lot.

I have been in my safe house now for 3 weeks and have settled well. It was a bit strange at first as they were more people then I was used to and a noisy bird called Jack. I was very nervous at first but got used to my safe house mum first and she was the first one to give me head tickles which I love on my terms.

My safe house dad is kind and gets to give me head tickles sometimes but I prefer my safe house mum, think that’s because I am used to ladies. They have a young lad here too and he is ok and sometimes I let him give me head tickles too but this is only on my terms.

I have a nice cage and my safe house parents have given me some new toys. I love chewing cardboard tubes and tough cardboard too. I also like the ball they put on a string for me and have chewed all that so they are going to make me a new one.

I am eating something called pellets now which were strange at first but I love them now. I also got lots of vegetables, which I enjoy, my favourites being green beans, sweetcorn and peas, but I will try other things. I also like apple and grapes and I tried a blueberry the other day which was nice.

When I am a good girl and let my safe house mum tickle me I get a nut as a treat, either an almond or walnut, these are yummy.

I am in a good routine here, in the morning my cover comes off; I get a head tickle, then my veg. Then I get my morning shower which I am starting to enjoy and put my wings out. I then get let out of my cage; I don't go far, just sit on top of my cage and watch the world go by. I don't sit on anybody yet, that will take time. I can fly but happy just sitting on my cage. When it is time to go back in I will not go on a perch my safe-house mum or dad just guide me back in my cage with their hand behind me. They seem to understand me well.

At night time I get another shower, before being covered up for bed. I was not sure about being covered at first but I am used to it now. They cover me with a light sheet so it is not too dark.

I don't talk, but whistle a lot and make a loud alarm clock noise in the morning when I wake up and I am uncovered. I am not sure if I will ever talk but happy whistling and communicating in my own way.

There are 3 other birds here, Jack a cockatoo and Polly and Bell who are Greys. They don't bother me as I stay on my cage and they don't come near me. So if you have another bird that would be ok.

I love it here but want a forever home where I can settle and be the best bird I can. It will take time and patience but I will love you in my own way.

Location : Great Yarmouth

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