PP number: PP847

Name: Percy

Species: Senegal

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £100


Percy is an 8 year old Senegal who's had a pretty rough time this last few years and had not been out of his cage for many years, I have had him 10 days now and apart from sleep time he is out full time, he's a real sweetie he will have a head scratch and will step up on command he's extremely careful not to use his beak he's a gentle beautiful soul, he makes kiss noises and tut tut to try and get your attention. He's having to be weaned from his diet and moving slowly on to AA30 and is keen to try all the different fruits and veg I am facing him with. I have brought him a nice specious new cage and this will be coming with him along with his toys, he is located in Nottingham.

Location : Nottingham

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