PP number: PP724

Name: Tutu

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £150 


Hi my name is Tutu and I have been in my safe house a little while now. I love it here and everybody is very kind to me, but would love a home to call my own. I currently live with my safe house mum, dad and two sons. They are all nice and I let them all give me head tickles now, but that took time. Though my safe house mum has always been able to give me tickles. I think this is because I am used to ladies as used to live with an old lady until she had to go into a care home.

I love coming out and sitting on my cage and watching the world go by, have been down off my cage a few times and had a wonder around the floor. I also went on a perch and sat with my safe house mum, that was nice. Think I will do this more with time and when I am used to my new owners.

In my safe house there are other birds, a noisy cockatoo called jack and two Greys Bell and Polly. I am not bothered by them, long as they don’t come on my cage! My cage is my safe space; I have some fab toys which my safe house dad made for me. I love cardboard tubes and wooden blocks.

I am on a good diet now, I get steamed veg in the morning which I love, my favourites are sweetcorn, green beans and peas. Then in the afternoon I get pellets, these were strange at first but I love them now. I also get a nut when I am a good girl and let them tickle my head, I love these.

They did try to cover me up at night which I didn’t mind at first but then I decided I didn’t like it, so they don’t cover me anymore, but I know its bedtime when its dark and I am very quiet.

I don’t talk, but whistle and make an alarm clock sound when I want my breakfast. I have not bitten anyone but will growl if I don’t want you to tickle me.  I don’t think I will talk but will let you know I am happy in my own way.

 I want a home where the people will give me time to get to know them and give me lots of love and attention, also just let me sit on my cage and watch the world go by. Hopefully in time I may step up, but I will love you no matter what.

Location : Great Yarmouth

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