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Name: Patch & Ben

Species:   African Grey

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £ CITES


Hi we're patch and Ben and we're looking for a special person to be our friend for life.  

Let us tell you a bit about ourselves....

 We didn't have the best start in life. Let us tell you about it....

We were born to a breeder 25 yrs. ago within two weeks of each other. The breeder didn't care about us and even when Ben had 2 broken legs he didn't get help for him. We never saw any daylight and were never allowed to come out of our canary cage. We only ate seeds that were thrown in the cage for us. 

When we became was no use to him he got rid of us. A lovely lady rescued us both. Ben was about to be put down because of his health. She took us in and showed us love for the first time ever. 

She gave us fruit and veg, toys, freedom out the cage, daylight and most of all showed us we were wanted. 

She was lovely but knew we needed to go to someone who could bring us on more. She got in touch with problem parrots and a strange lady called Jules picked us up. 

With a lot of love we became better. It helped having a big brother called Charlie in the house. He’s our S/H mums grey and is younger than us but has taught us lots of things. Especially how to be cheeky birds.


I arrived at my safe house and was very scared. I wouldn't let anyone near me and felt alone. I started to pluck my feathers again.  

Slowly my foster mum and dad started to help me relax. They gave me toys but I didn't know how to play with them. Mum then gave me newspaper to shred. WOW I love that!!! I can do that all day. Have you tried shredding paper?? I can teach you mum says I'm her little shredding machine.  

Mum and dad would spend ages talking to me. They let me out the cage and I sit on the top. I tried to fly a few times but kept crashing. I decided to practice in secret. 

Then on 31st December I tried again. This time I was perfect. I landed near mum after circling the room. Mum was so shocked. So was I but don't tell her.

I’m not a very trusting bird till I get to know you. But once you win me over I'll be your buddy for life.  I let mum stroke me after I flew. I kind of like her now. 

Mum is allowed to stroke me now but not when I'm on my cage. I love my cage; it’s so big compared to what I was living in. Nobody can touch it in case they take it away from me. 

I prefer women but I do put up with men. 

I love whistling with Charlie. Mum said we're like an old married couple. He's even taught me how to beep like the microwave.  Mum calls us little devils when we make phone noises. 

So if you have the time to get to know me please get in touch. I need my forever home with someone who will love me. 

 Love Patch xx

Hello my name is Ben, I'm Patches brother and mum tells me I’m a special boy. 

As we said I had 2 broken legs. Mum said if the man had taken me to a birdie vet they would be ok. But because he didn't care about us he left them and they are what mum calls deformed. I have trouble walking and climbing but I still try. Mums giving me turmeric, ginger and cayenne pepper to help with my pain. The bird vet also gave me medicine to have every day. It does help me and I get around a lot better now. 

 I don't fly because I worried about hurting my legs when I land. When mum picks me up she’s very careful that she doesn’t hurt me. If she does I hold her finger gently with my beak. 

I love being out though and will sit on a towel all night. I like chewing the towel for comfort. 

I've been very poorly but I’m getting better now. Mum is giving me medicine in a syringe and I love it. It makes me feel special and wanted. 

I love my food. I'll try anything even while you’re eating it. I had a bit of mum’s cup of tea once but I don't think she saw me. We'll keep that a secret. 

I do have trouble with my nose. Mum has to use a syringe once a day to get clears mucus out. I think its snot but mum calls it mucus.

Some days I don’t need it doing but other days lots comes out. Patch laughs at me when seeds get stuck to my face and nobody is here to help. I call him finger lickin chicken when he plucks though.  

Were typical brothers mum says. We hate each other but then we chat through the bars to each other. Ben likes to climb on my cage and try to bite me. If my door is open sometimes he comes in and we fight. I don't like that. I like lots of love.

That all about me so if you have plenty of food and love to give us please consider us.

Love Ben xx


Location:  Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

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