PP number: PP903 

Name: Pegleg (Peggy)

Species:  Congo African Grey

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  CITES


Hi my offical name is Pegleg, put I also get called Peg or Peggy. I am over 35+ years old and have some disabilities but this doesn't affect my mobility in anyway.
My disabilities are a missing foot, a fit broken hanging wing and a fix broken toe. I can perch quiet easy but my Safe House mum has adopted my Safe House cage to make life more easy for me. So if you adopt me you need to supply  me with several different perches to help me.
I don't step up on to a hand nor stick but I do on this metal grid as I can grip it with my beak (I can hold my balance this this) so really easy to move me from A to Z.
I do accept head & beak tickles  but I just need to trust you first. I will except tickles of male or female but sway towards a man more but not aggressive towards a woman. I can bite so you need to be quick lol but I haven't got my SH mum but I did get my dad and made him bleed 😂
I am quite a quiet grey, occassionally talks & whistles and loves to shred toys or cardboard rings from Scarletts.
My diet is a healthy one of fresh chop/veg/fruit and soaking beans & sprouting beans which I enjoy. My SH mum does mix some seed to in my fresh.
I eat AS30/Tidy Mix combined and love almonds and other nuts but be mindful to chop them up for me as I can't perch & eat things with my foot or I would fall off my perch 😂😂
I am a plucker and apparently pluck more in the Autumn but since being at my SH home I really haven't but I am given loads of toys & shredding things to keep me occupied.
Currently I am out of my cage all day watching the other birds in the aviary from the birdroom, so I would prefer this to carry on. I use to live with an Amazon so currently I haven't shown any aggression with the other Amazon who lives here full time called Lola as I spend all day with her in the birdroom.
My Safe House mum has supplied me with this UV light which is helping me with my feather behaviour so please could I have one of these in my new home.
I will need to have a new cage perhaps a special adapted cage would be great but my Safe House mum with help you if you are successful in adopting me so don't worry.
My SH mum says I am such a sweatheart and would be idea grey in a home environment  without young children due to my disabilities as I may get startle and lose my balance and fall.
If you think you can provide me with a loving, safe and quiet home I promise I will be a good Peggy for you and not a bad Pegleg 😂

Safe House point of view of me...
Peggy is such a lovely grey who has a lot to offer and especially unconditional love to give. I am really pleased how she has adjusted to the flock's routine. A really easy bird to have as long you give her loads of out of cage time and shredding toys.
She is such a sweet girl and I will be said to see her go. So please apply for her if you can provide her the 5 star home she deserves as apparently the ex-owner thinks she was a wild caught grey, the ex-owner has had her since 1996 and was told she was around 12  years old then.

Lots of Love & Hoping I find my forever home - Peg ❤

Location: Tamworth

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