PP number: PP792 

Name: Louie

Species:  Mealy Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes but needs a bigger one

Adoption fee:  £150


Hello my name is Louie and I'm a very timid boy.

Louis came in with limited information, he had been abandoned in a pub by the landlord. He wasn't in the best of health, his breathing was poor and his feather condition was not great. Having got all clear from the vets, his health issues put down to bad diet and care. I have had Louis just over two months and I can honestly say it has been a pleasure watching him flourish. Louis is a very laid back bird and would happily sit on top of his cage/perch all day watching the world go by.

Over the last couple of days he has plucked up some courage to do some exploring, and flew into the kitchen to say hello. He has only recently stepped up onto my hand, (he will step up onto a perch). He is fed on AS30, plus fruit and veg which he is getting used to. His favourite things to eat are banana chips and almonds.

He has loved being outside in the sunshine, he also loves being sprayed and will hang upside down, wings spread while you do it. He will chatter away and whistle to you. He does get loud when strangers come into the house but quieten down after a while. His cage is fairly new but not big enough for him to be in 24/7. He does not seem to have a preference to male or female, and is handled by me, my husband and 12 year old son.

 Location: Preston, Lancashire

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