PP number:  PP686

Name: Bell

Species:  African Grey 

Cage supplied: 

Adoption fee:  £ CITES


Hello everyone, I'm Bell a handsome fella that does love to be out of my cage more than in it.

I do have a lovely cage with new toys and perches that my 1st dad got me because I never had much before.

Sometimes my safe house dad let's me sleep on top of my cage because I don't want to go back in.   My safe house dad has also taught me some new whistles and I do know some words but I become shy so mutter to myself and Polly my TAG best friend.

I'm not a big lover of my vegetables in my bowl but will eat from safe house dad's fingers, and I do love my grapes when given as a treat, but I have to be  a good boy.

I will play happily with toys on the floor and climb up onto my safe house dads knee.  I will step up but I can sometimes be a stubborn little boy.  Please keep TV remotes hidden as I  bite off the buttons.

I prefer men and teen children. I do like playing with my safe house dad's son's cars and toys when we all play on the carpet, so if you can find a place for me in your home and heart please click on the link. 

Location: Plymouth

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