PP number:  PP678

Name: Ickie

Species:  Cockatiel 

Cage supplied: Yes but needs upgrading

Adoption fee:  £ Donation


Hello, my name is Ickie and I'm 20 years old.  We are not sure but it's thought I'm male. 

I'm told I'm a lovely character and I just love to whistle and I love company, whether it's human or other birds.

I like to sit on top of my cage watching what everyone is doing and just watching the world go by.  I'm a little unsure of hands but I just need to learn to trust you and to build up my confidence, could you help me do that?  

My favourite food is cucumber but I will eat most vegetables and fruit, so I'm not high maintenance. 

I do like to be covered at night as otherwise I will whistle all night long, just hoping that someone will whistle back, I so love company you see.

Could you find a place in your heart and in yourhome for me?  I will make a super companion for any family. 

Location: Plymouth

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