PP number: PP874

Name: Chico

Species: Senegal

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £100


Chico is lovely little boy, he’s very easy to look after eats all his fruit and veg and his tidy mix , loves a cashew nut . He’s a very clever boy he can play dead , put rings over poles give kisses wolf whistle say hello and more . He loves everyone from my 9 yr old upwards male or female will step up for anyone. Will take as much fuss as he can get.
He only has two faults he likes to nip when you put his fruit in although doesn’t really hurt I just move him to a higher perch. Second he doesn’t like other small birds and flys to attack them , he’s seen bigger birds too and isn’t fazed at them but not been allowed to get to close . He’s seen cats and dogs stroll past and not bothered .
His sh daughter will really miss him . (We may just snuggle him) he will make the perfect bird for any family he’s looking for a very special loving home.

Location: East Midlands

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