PP number:  PP693 & PP694

Name: Cleo & Fergie

Species: African Grey's 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £ CITES


Hello everyone we would like to introduce ourselves!  We are Cleo and Fergie, two gorgeous African Grey's 

I'm Cleo and a very handsome male, and Fergie is a girl and extremely pretty.

Our favourite food is fresh veg, I, Cleo, loves banana and Fergie’s favourite is apple. We are on a nice seed mix called AS30 with no peanuts and no sunflower seeds, which we get stuck into straight away, we have a healthy appetite. 

We love being out of our cages, and will happily perch on top of our cages watching the world go by, Fergie will step up and sit on your knee getting head scratches but I, Cleo will only step up when I'm in the mood.

We love any kind of treat as long as it’s nuts, I, Cleo likes almonds and Fergie likes Brazil’s. 

We want somewhere to call home with people who will love us and allow us to be ourselves. We don’t mind dogs in the house as long as you make sure we kept separate and safe. 

We will learn to trust and love you given the chance, so if you feel you can give us a lovely forever home then please send that email. You know you want to.

Location: Durham

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