PP number:  PP520

Name: Bruce & Georgie

Species:   Cockatiels

Cage supplied: Needs replacing as shows signs of wear. 

Adoption fee:  £ Donation required


Hello everyone, we are Bruce and Georgie and we are a stunning pair of cockatiels who would suit any household.

Bruce is a little more timid than Georgie but once we are settled with our new family we hope given time and patience we will gain in confidence.   Georgie will step up when asked but neither are at the head tickle stage.

They are a typical married couple and are very entertaining when they get settled, Bruce also says a few words his favourite is good boy.

These two beautiful birds are so laid back and happily eat all fruit and veg. They are currently on a low sunflower no peanut mix and to no surprise millet is their favourite treat!

We do come with a travel cage and two other cages but they are very old and worn and will need replacing, but we also have lots of extras such as toys and bird baths. 

Location: Essex

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