PP number: PP653 

Name: George

Species: Mealy Amazon 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150


Hi I'm George and I'm a very gorgeous Amazon.... so my safe house mom keeps telling me. I don't really talk but my human is convinced I try to say hello.

I was on a very poor diet but now I'm enjoying Tidymix and vegetables daily,  and then fruit twice a week. I also love walnuts as a treat.

At the moment I'm spending all day out of my cage with my safe house bird buddies and when it's time for bed my human tells me to go to bed which I do and as a reward I get a walnut.   I don't step up but I will sometimes step up on to a perch that's after I've told that perch off a few times then I'm happy to get on it.

I love a good head scratch too but it has to be on my terms,  I'm not a fusses cuddly bird, but I've not bitten my human just given a warning to say thanks but I've had enough now.

I'm a very easy bird just love to sit on a perch and look out of the window and  watch the world go by.  I've recently started to play with toys and shred boxes,  this is really good fun. My human says I'm like a wise old man who just sits back and watches what's going on around me. I do love the occasional fly around from one room to the other just because I'm nosy but I'm no trouble and will go back to my room.

I love a good spray, I will lift my wings to ensure I have a good wash, I don't want to miss any bits. I'm not really bothered by other birds, I enjoy having them round but don't really interact with them. My human is really going to miss me as she says I'm no trouble and a lovely wise gentleman. 
So if you have room in your life for a gentle, quiet, wise featherd friend then I'm the bird for you. My age is not known and I'm assumed male although this hasn't been confirmed. 

Location: West Midlands

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