PP number:  PP631

Name: Oscar

Species:  Blue & Gold Macaw

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £250 


Hello everyone I’m Oscar

I have been with my safe house dads for a while so we know a bit about Oscar. This gentle giant is a gent and has come on leaps and bounds, it took a while to gain some trust but now he’s all set to go and find new life long digs 😂

Oscar has lived free with us on a java tree and tends to stick to it.
Loves his toys and enjoys ripping stuff up.

Food is a bit hit and miss with Oscar. Likes Tidymix and Pretty Bird pellets and chucks his chop around looking for the bits he likes.

Oscar has showed no preference to male or female as long as the person spends time with him he will be fine

Can be a bit gobby when you first leave him but within minutes that all stops. He also lived in a pub for some time and can talk like that.

Oscar doesn't  like other birds so new home needs to be bird free.


Location: London

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