PP number:  PP468 PP355

Name: Rodney & Charlie

Species:  Mealey Amazon, Orange Wing Amazon 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £300


Meet Rodney (mealy amazon) and Charlie (orange winged amazon).
We are a bonded pair of Amazons and like to think we resemble the chuckle brothers/Laurel and Hardy.

We love each other dearly although Charlie is the more forward of the two of us. We are amazing company for you humans, however we are far more interested in each other than you guys, although we are brilliant entertainment.

We eat Tropican pellets, and love our veggies and fruit. We don’t mind showers either, so really are easy boys to look after.

We can be loud but hey we are ammies and we should let you know that we have complete potty mouths and love nothing more than a good swearing session. Charlie likes to whistle the laurel and hardy theme tune and is the better talker out the two of us. Our swearing isn’t as funny if you have small ears listening, but our safehouse mummy thinks we are brilliant! We don’t mind the company of other birds either, we just do our own thing most of the time.
We come with a lovely big cage, and lots of toys, and even a play stand that we love to hang out on during the day.
If you want amusement, company and love then we are your boys.

Location: Newcastle upon Tyne

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