PP number:  PP468 PP355

Name: Rodney & Charlie

Species:  Mealey Amazon, Orange Wing Amazon 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £300


Hi please meet Rodney & Charlie

Rodney is a Mealy Amazon

Charlie is an Orange Winged Amazon

We are a bonded pair of Amazon’s and we are NOT as bad as people make us out to be,


I’m Charlie and I am def the leader of the two off us, I can talk reasonably well, I like to whistle the Laurel & Hardy theme tune, Wolf Whistle, I am very inquisitive, I like to explore, I love my food,

but I must warn you I'm not keen on hands, Unless ya got a nut for me then I will take it. Other wise I will back off.


I’m Rodney I'm the bigger quieter and timid one some would say the best looking but hey don’t tell Charlie that. I’m not keen on hands , and have tried to have a nibble of my safe house dad a couple of times as he tried to walk past our cage, Like Charlie I love my food and a treat from my safe house dad.

Our Safe House dad, Said Charlie is the ring leader and he is not keen on our room mate Alfie he has had a run in with him a couple of times.

We love to sit and preen each other, We can be loud when we are on a roll but ya can forgive us for that one after all we are Amazons.

We do this cackle our safe house mum says we are like two old washer women laughing at something and nothing.

We can also be very refined throwing out a bit off opera every now and then and if I say so my self we ain't half bad at it.

Our Safe house dad describes us as two drunken old men staggering home from the pub on a Friday night.

Now We told our safe house dad not to say anything about our potty mouth, but I suppose he has to let you know, we can be a bit colourful but we have been behaving our self lately in fact we have been at our safe house for about a week now and only swore 3 times.

Our Safe house parents have got us on a rigid routine we have our covers taken off at 7:00am and given our breakfast then our safe house dad goes off somewhere for the day, then at 5:00pm when he comes back we come out off our cage for 2 hours and then our safe house dad puts us to bed at night bang on 7:00pm, at the moment we seem to like this routine.


Location: Sheffield

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