PP number: PP841

Name: Pedro

Species: Alexandrine

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £125


Hello I am Pedro and I'm a female Alexandrine.  Safe house mom says I'm lovely and will make a good companion. I will fly to your head or shoulder. And like a good head rub.

Mom says I would really benefit having a friend to keep me company when someone isn't around. I chatter and love saying 'hello peekaboo. I love her other birds that are living here, they are fun.

I currently am eating a diet of Tidy mix. Safe house mom is trying to get me eating fresh chop 'she calls It' but I'm very reluctant. So mom says I need my new mom or dad to be patient with me and keep trying different foods as really all I like is seed.

Thank you for reading all about me. I cannot wait to find my new family.
Love Pedro x

Location:  Portsmouth

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