PP number:  PP706

Name: Jack

Species:  Congo African Grey 

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £ CITES


My name is Jack, they call me a boy but I've not had that DNA test thing so I maybe I'm  Jackie lol.

I lived with my ex owners for 35 years and they got me when I was just 5 years and I was the only bird living there but in my Safe House home I am currently living in a flock of 7 which is a mixture of greys and a couple of green ones and I feel no fear.

I am such a good boy my safe house mum says and I've not bitten either my SH mum or dad and I don't mind any of them in my company as long as I get a head scratch I'm not bothered. 

My diet has been converted to tidy mix & AS30 combined. I've shown little interest in fruit or veg at the moment but it's early days and my new mum or dad will need to teach me to love these foods.

I do step up but not keen on it but will if I have to perhaps because I've been left in my cage to my own devices for a few years I'm just not that confident yet so you will need to work with me on this please. Also in my new home I would prefer someone who was at home a lot so I can spend loads of time out of my cage would be advantage to me.

I do talk a little and when you come to me I say helllooooo, and do a lot of whistles. 
Since being at my SH I've not plucked and my SH mum says perhaps with the right environment and distraction of new toys & treats I will probably be less of a plucker.
I am looking for my forever home somewhere I can spend my years in a home who will love me for who I am and my imperfections as my SH mum says I'm just beautiful in & out.
I did have a cage but I would prefer a new one with a play top on it as I would really like this. I do have a couple of perches and one toy so again I would love to have some new toys but not too much at the start please. Oh I nearly forgot I do like sunbathing under that glowing lamp they call UV so if I could have one of those too I would be grateful.
Where I am staying at the moment they have four 4 legged creatures they called dogs and I show no fear to them as long they are not out at the same time as me please.
I promise you I am a good bird who has loads of love to give so if you can open your heart to me I will sit with you as long as you want while you cuddle me.
The names Jack so just press that send button and apply for me today. Thank you Jack x

Location: Tamworth, Staffordshire

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