PP number: PP837

Name: Erica

Species: Yellow Naped Amazon

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £CITES


Hi my name is Erica it used to be Eric! I have been DNA tested as a female so my friends at PP have decided that I should have a more fitting girly name ( which I have to say I really like!). I am 20 plus years old, I have been with my safehouse mum for a number of weeks now. 

I have an old injury of a broken wing which sadly can't be fixed so I'm unable to fly ( although I can still flutter my wings when I'm excited or feel like exercising!). I also had problems with my feet and my nose which was blocked.  My safehouse mum took me to an amazing vet who did a procedure on my nose to clear it and x-rayed my wing to see if there was any chance it could be repaired but it was a too old of an injury, I also had a few other ailments which have now been addressed. 

Since being with my safehouse mum however I have come on in leaps and bounds with a lot of TLC which I'm really grateful for! I'm on a good diet of AS30 and she tries me with fruit and veg daily which I'm still not too sure about ( who says you need 5 a day that's way to much for me!) . I also have a heat lamp that has been really good for me and will need one in my new forever home to keep me warm and stop my wing from aching.

My safehouse mum says I am a stunning beautiful girl that would make anyone smile with my chatter and singing ( I like operatic singing and often should "Ragbone" to try and make a living)! She also says I'm such a good girl who is a joy to have in her home, I currently don't step onto hands but I will with encouragement step onto a perch and onto a flat safe surface ( as I can have the tendency to fall). I do have time out on her bed with 2 other amazons named Baby and Mickey but have to be watched as its so easy for them to play rough and knock me off my balance.

I do enjoy time out of my cage and can sit on top, I tend not to play a lot with toys but enjoy the company of humans and music. So if you are interested in  giving me a forever home I would give you lots of joy. Click the link on the adoption page see you soon.
Lots Of Love
Erica xxxx

-Bonds well to women ( will tolerate a man from what exposure she's had to them to our knowledge) .
-Needs to be around soft surfaces in the event of falls ( soft foam playmats are helpful as Erica can't fly to break her fall and often lands on her feet which can hurt her).
- Will try various foods but will need someone who can encourage her to explore new foods ( some foods she does prefer being fed on a spoon rather than hands or fingers due to being wary).
- Likes to give herself a shower in her bowl or be lightly sprayed. We have tried to shower but she is quite unsure and unsteady at times.
- She is a gentle bird but has the tendency to nibble or try to pinch your hand ( in which she's testing her boundary with you as a handler). She will sometimes take head tickles although often prefers to have her feet stroked instead.
- I sadly don't like babies or small children from previous homes experience even though I do cry like one sometimes! I've been with older children at my safe house mum's though who I don't mind being with.
Erica's Vocabulary of the day is : Oh lala! Rag Bone and No love! Ofcourse she'll say hello to you to.

Location: Stoke on Trent

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