PP number: PP472 

Name: Penny

Species: Senegal  

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £100


Penny (the Sennie!) is a very sweet 35yr old Senegal parrot, who is the biggest ‘love bug’ of all the birds I’ve met (move aside Cockatoos!).

She was presumed female by her previous owner, but having spent some time with ‘her’, I think she could be male (although, of course, DNA sexing would be needed to confirm either way). Am going to carry on referring to her as a girl in the meantime though!

Her previous owner, who Penny had been with for her whole life, recently passed away, which as you can imagine has been a bit of a shock to the system for Penny. However, she adores people (although appears to be warier of men and is quite skittish around my partner) and I think she is going to adapt very nicely to her new home and be a lovely little companion.

While her owner was ill, Penny wasn’t able to come out of her cage and unfortunately didn’t have toys to play with (bar a swing, bell and mirror – she’s a pro on a swing and will keep you entertained with her antics). However, she still loves to come out of her cage and spend time with her person/people – her favourite places are on my shoulder, arm or lap, and she would take head scritches all day long if she could get away with it. Some encouragement will be needed to get her to play with other toys independently, although she is currently enjoying shredding cardboard and sisal rope (in favour of her fancier toys - she’s easy and cheap to please!).

She is a very friendly bird and has yet to bite while in safehouse, although can be a little too friendly at times (hormones at the moment I think – although she’s not aggressive with it) and can be quite persistent about wanting to be on you or steal your food. She will need calm and consistent training to set boundaries (and encouragement with independent playing, as above).

She appears to be in good health and hopefully has many years left to enjoy her new forever home. She wasn’t previously on the best diet but takes very well to new foods and is now happily eating a combination of Tidymix, Harrisons pellets and fruit and vegetable chops.

She is tolerant of other birds and has been out and about with my three, although can be a touch territorial if they come too close to -her- spot, so it has only been on a supervised basis. She’s more of a people bird, but I think would be happy to live with other birds providing she gets plenty of 1 on 1 attention.

She isn’t a noisy bird in terms of consistent loud noise and tends to chatter/whistle away quietly (and make some rather amusing little sounds!), but can let rip with a high-pitched squawk a couple of times a day, which is fairly ear-piercing (but to be expected with most parrots!).

She steps up to me, although tends to want to step up beak first! Stepping up is more inconsistent with my partner, who she’s quite wary of. We have also begun some work on target training, which she seems to be getting to grips with. She hasn’t been any trouble to put back into her cage for bedtime and is happy to be picked up in a towel, which should make vet visits nice and straightforward. One thing that should be noted is that she isn’t the most accomplished flier (although is getting better now she’s had a chance to exercise her wings) and her new person/people will need to take time to show her where windows etc. are (or ensure they are covered with blinds/decals etc.).

She was previously used to having someone at home with her for most of the day, but doesn’t seem distressed by my full-time work schedule, so whilst someone who has a lot of time to spend with her would be ideal, she should be a happy bird providing she gets plenty of quality time spent with her when her new person/people are home.

Overall Penny is a truly lovely natured parrot, who with a little love and patience is going to make a fantastic friend for her new person/people. I will really miss having her around but do hope she finds a wonderful forever home soon as she deserves it!

Penny and I are looking forward to hearing from you!

Location: Peterborough

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