PP number:  PP684

Name: Polly

Species:   Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £ 200


Hello everyone, I’m Polly and I am a Greater Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and am I not just the most beautiful bird you have ever seen?

I have been settling into my safe house which is very different from my previous home. My safe house mum says I have adjusted quite well and it is still very early days but I do venture out onto the door way for a little while, then I like to go back into my cage.  I'm a little nervous but I have been coaxed out of my cage for a few stretches and at first I would rush back into my cage but I am slowly staying out for longer periods but for the moment I’m happy to just stay on top of my cage.

I am quite nervous of hands but when I start to settle in I will accept head scratches and my preferred humans are women so ideally I need a home where a woman is the primary carer, I am not aggressive towards men/children but will warn you if you're not my chosen one.

My safe house mum says that I  would ideally be suited to a home with either older children 10+ or no children as I would prefer a quieter home but I do love  company so if you can spend a lot of time with me that would be perfect!  Please don't consider me if you would need to leave me on my own for long periods. 

I am not to keen on other birds, mostly when they fly,  I start to be very vocal but I haven’t shown any aggression towards them,  I’m just not sure what to think of them so I tend to just stay clear.  I do have separate times out here so that's something you may need to consider if you do have other birds.

I am currently on Tidymix which I love.  I enjoy bananas and I throw most of the vegetables and fruit my safe house mum gives me but she is persistent and says in time I will be more willing to try new foods.  I have vegetables daily and fruit a couple of times a well along with my nuts and nutri-berries.

I also love my toys especially foot toys that I can hold and chew. I like my boxes as well so plenty of supplies of these will also be needed.  As for my noise level my safe house mum says I’m not the loudest Cockatoo but I do have my moments especially if someone is eating, I want what they have as well.

I like being sprayed and I am covered in the evening’s for bed which is usually 7:30 pm until the same time the next morning, well I do need my beauty sleep you know!

I don't come with a cage and my safe house mum says that I need a very large cage as I'm a big girl.  I will also need perches and plenty of toys.

Have you got the time and patience to help me overcome my fears and gain trust and confidence, and could you provide me with my own safe space? If so them I'm the girl for you and I will reward you when I start to grow and blossom in your care!

Location: West Midlands

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