PP number: PP755 & PP756

Name: Baby & Silver

Species: Quaker

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150


Hi we are Silver and Baby, two extremely adorable Quakers. We love being together and follow each other all over. We need a shoulder to surf the house on, we don’t mind who’s shoulder it is, we are really friendly. Anyone’s shoulder is a good place for us to ride around the house on, Twitter in your ear and take treats from you.

Our safe-house Mam says we are funny chatty little birds and are also greedy little boys too. We have a large food dish that we can both fit our whole body in so we can protect our food while we eat. Our favourite foods are peas, sweet corn and grapes. We also love the treat dish before we go to bed....that’s full of nuts and yummy treats, we get two dips so we pick the biggest pieces we can fit in our beaks.

We are currently on Tidymix, we get a mixture of chopped nuts and fresh fruit and veg every day and we are trying different things.

We will be suited to any home, we don’t mind dogs as long as they’re not there when we are out of our cage. We also love children but can give a nasty little nip if we don’t want to step up.

We have our own cage but would love some more toys to play with, but we are extremely territorial over our cage so will try and nip you if you put your hands in...but once out we are cool.

Pleasedon’t pass us by, if you think you can offer us a good home then click on the application form...what you waiting for.

Location: Durham

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