PP number: PP869

Name: Milky

Species: Congo African Grey

Cage supplied: New one needed

Adoption fee: £CITES


Hi Ladies and Gentleman,

My name is Milky, I am a CAG and I am 4 years young. My SH mum says I am a toddler/teenager all in one, I have NO idea what she means :-D . I am a natural born Beaver at heart and love to shred anything I can get my beak into. I love shredding plastic, cardboard, wood and fingers if I can get them. So lots of things for me to chew is a must!
My carer was actually male, and no matter how deep my SH mums voice can go, I know shes a girl! I do tend to protect my cage at all costs and do tend to lunge at the bars if you come for a tickle. This may be due to breeding season, and what mum calls my toddler/teenager thing. I love to come out of my cage, but also like to stick nearby it, just in case I want to go in, and out, and in .... you get the picture. I have tried to fly around a few times, but after my wings had been clipped a while back, the old rudder and wings together usually end up in me going in the opposite direction to where I was aiming for. But in time my SH mum says I will make a graceful bird. I love veg, especially carrots, broccoli, greens etc and some soaked beans. I also have been trying grapes, which I love to fling about and soak everyone!  I'm not sure what bananas and kiwi or melon are, but I don't like them, clematines are ok ish, and I love apple. But SH mum says these things are good for me, and will keep offering me them! I have found out I love jacket potato on a spoon, I ate every little bit and SH mum said she was proud of me. If you want me to get really excited, I have found this nut called Cashew, which I will, well, go nuts for!! Shes been trying to get me to step up using Cashew, but I always get around that, one way or another. Its a battle of who is more stubborn, but SH mum says I will learn. I say quite a few words, Hello, bye, come here, the MacDonalds theme, a little humming, house hold object noises and some of which have a cute little Irish accent and I'm learning more all the time. I'm very clever says my SH mum. I'm used to other birds, but we haven't all been out at the same time, but I can hear them. I am ok with dogs too.

SH Mum notes

I think Milky would benefit more from a male carer as opposed to female. With me, he does tend to lunge at the bars and nip and bite, away from his cage, he is more unsure and does step up for me, only so I can take him back to his cage. His main carer/handler was a male and I think that Milky would respond better to a male. He should be confident where Greys are concerned as they know how to push boundaries.

Milky is definitely a chewer and will make matchsticks of anything you give him, so be prepared to have deep toy pockets or lots of storage for back up toys. He does love to play with his toys, but doesn't like to have too many in his cage at once.

He is a beautiful bird who learns easily and will make a great addition to any family. He does like children, but I haven't let anyone touch him apart from myself as he can give a nasty nip. But he will try to interact with and talk and whistle at them, all while giving the excited dance at them.

Hi again you wonderful people, it's me Milky again.

I am learning new things everyday, and calming down a little. SH mum, says I'm still protective of my cage, well you would be, it's mine. And everything YOU touch is also mine! I'm still beavering away, chomping through everything, that's mine, yours, and anyone else's. But I need to be kept busy. I do have to tell the rest of the flock to "shut up" because they get rather loud. I have started to crack my fear of water though and will dip my feet in and trying to flick water all over myself. SH mum is really proud of me. I'm also picking up many new words, no, shut up, Tan. And new noises too. I even tell Alexa off and tell her "Alexa Off" And she does! I'm still trying and throwing some veg and fruit I'm not sure on all over the place. But i am trying. And I'm learning to play with my toys. SH mum says I'm  coming along beautifully.

I hope to be in my forever homesoon with one of you. Bye for now x

Location: Croydon

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