PP number:  PP677

Name: Eric

Species:   Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £ 200


Hello, my name is Eric and I am approximately 40 years young.

I am a Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo and have bags of personality. I love to ask for tickles, tell you I’m a good boy and I’ll wave and shout bye bye when you go out. I’ll make you feel really special and call you darling and wolf whistle you every now and then too.

My safe-house mum says I can have short periods when I’m super noisy, but hey I’m a cockatoo and that's what we do isn’t it? 

I love to chew anything, and I mean anything. My safe-house mum is pretty mean and doesn’t let me eat the sofa or the curtains even though I always try. She gives me wood and cardboard which I love to chew but you can’t blame a guy for trying other things!

I’m a very loving boy, and adore a good old scritch, but I’m not keen on other birds, pets or kids so I would need to be in a home with your undivided attention. My feathers are in n a pretty bad way, as I used to over preen myself, but my safe-house mum gives me daily showers which has really helped me.I can’t currently fly because I have no wing feathers so I like to strut my stuff around the house.

I step up like a good boy and love a good dance. I’ll even whistle a tune when I’m really in to it. 

I love my tidy mix and eat my chop every day really well. My favourite things are walnuts and pistachio nuts. I’ll love you lots if you give me these as occasional treats.

My safe-house mummy is in Essex but she said for the right home I can be moved anywhere in the uk.
If you think you could offer me what I need please click on the link below. 

Location: Essex

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