PP number: PP913

Name: Perky

Species: Black Headed Caique

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £125


Hi guys my name is perky my safe house mum and dad think I'm a Looney. I enjoy spending time with my sh brother he gives me lots of attention and I like to go where ever he goes. I enjoy running around the floor playing with my toys and on my stand. I sleep in a little bed and everyone says I look so cute. I loovvveeee my food and if your eating and I'm out well I'm going to try and share but my sh mum and dad are mean and don't let me! There's other birds that live here there ok I like singing with the tiels but there's this other bird called Mr Bizzle and I like to annoy him so my sh mum and dad don't let me near his cage anymore. I really love people but my sh mum and dad tell me I can become to needy and well I just don't want them to ever let me go I even poop down their back to show I don't need to go to my cage i can do it right here. I know i can be a little naughty and I will chew things I shouldn't I like to nibble clothes and curtains. I can also be noisy but that's just me having a ball or I get to excited when my friends come home from work. My safe house family love me and I wished I could stay as they have taught me that I can be a bird aswell as a snuggly bird. I've learnt that I cannot bite when I can't get my own way. My sh mum said I was a brat but now she said I'm a good boy (most of the time) anyway I must go as I need to have my supper. Thank you all for reading my story and please don't adopt me if your not going to carry on making me the good boy I am now I'm happy here

Location: Derby

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