PP number: PP749

Name: Jojo

Species: Timneh African Grey

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: CITES 


Hello everyone, I'm Jojo and I'm a very cheeky, adventurous chap.

In my previous home I was very much loved but due to circumstances I wasn't able to come out of my cage, so boy am I making up for it now!

When I'm out I just have to know what's going on, my safe house mum says I'm nosey, but I like to think of it as inquisitive, and I love a good fly around when I can. 

I'm not hand tame and rarely step up so when my cage door is opened I come out on my own.  My safe house mum is working with me to help me learn how to understand what I'm being asked to do, and she says I'm a quick learner, but at the moment we are still training. 

I am still nervous of hands though so will need a little more time and patience as at the moment if you try to push me too hard I will give a nip to show you that I'm not ready yet, so we will need to take it slowly and then I'm sure I will get there. 

I'm told I'm a quiet chap and I don't mind the other Grey that lives here.  We each keep to ourselves. There is a dog here too and I just ignore him as in my previous home there were dogs and they didn't bother me, just make sure we are not out together please. 

I am quite confident, and I love my toys, the noisier the better as I like to make my presence known. The only thing that I'm not sure about is the hoover.  I do have my own cage and my own little bath too, which I like to sit in. 

I'm currently being offered Roudybush pellets, fruit, vegetables and some AS20 seed.  Sometimes I pretend to eat just to be cheeky but then my safe house mum finds it all on the floor afterwards!  Be aware though if you have food, I don't care what it is, if I want some I will chase you for it if I'm out of my cage. 

My safe house mum is the one who does everything for me and I will go to her and any female visitors, but I do have a preference to men.  There are some older children who live here but my safe house mum thinks I would be better not re-homed with younger children. 

So if you have room in your life for a fun, cheeky chap then why not send in your application and I will be in touch. 

Location: Swindon, Wiltshire

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