PP number: PP785

Name: Dudley

Species: Blue & Gold Macaw

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £250


Dudley, Well where to start? Dudley is a lovable softie who loves a good scratch on the back of his head and under his wings.

He absolutely loves fruit and vegetables with grapes, cherries and oranges being his favourite.  Dudley is on a Seed diet but is on the path to be eating pellets with the continued plan that is already in place, he has a mix of AS30 and Tidy Mix, No Sun Flower Seeds Or Peanuts.  He also gets a handful of nuts on a weekly basis from shelled walnuts to pistachios along side his daily chop. 

Dudley does not step up and he certainly won't be a cuddly bird for a long time. He would benefit from someone who is home all day as when no one is around he will scream.   Dudley is very wary of children and does not particularly like women, so the ideal home for  him would be someone with experience, no young children and preferably no women living in the household as Dudley does scream when women are in the same room as him.

Dudley is VERY Loud, out of three Blue and gold Macaws that currently reside with myself Dudley is the loudest as well as the oldest being 53 years old. 

Please only apply for Dudley if you can provide the above.  If you have had a home check and would like to apply for Dudley please do so as he a lovely bird who just needs a little bit of extra time and support.

Location: Liverpool

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