PP number:  PP650   PP651

Name: Sky & Sunny

Species: Budgerigars   

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £0


Hello, we are the Sunny & Sky duo. Guess who is who! and we are a beautifully behaved couple of budgies.

We absolutely love each other and have our kissing session with no hesitation. We like people and we don't care if you are man, woman or child.

We absolutely adore our time out and our safe-house family struggles to get us back in the cage when needed.  We are pretty good flyers and we just carry on flying in circles, so we would probably appreciate a home with no other pets so we can be out all the time.

We don't bite or anything nasty!  We don't even make a lot of noise apart from chatting to each other and showing excitement when someone comes into the room.

We love our millet, but if we have too much then we won't eat our other food.  We are going through the hand tame training right this moment, however, so far we do not want to be touched as who needs human tickles when you have your brother who does the same brilliant job :) But our safe-house mum is so stubborn... We have to rethink our "no hands" policy as we do not believe she is ever going to give up. We will be a beautiful couple of birds for someone who will love spending time with us and who is ready to tell us how good we are as we really like it :) 

Location:  Colchester, Essex

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