PP number: PP785

Name: Dudley

Species: Blue & Gold Macaw

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £250


Dudley has been with us for almost three weeks and in that time he has been great fun.

He can be affectionate, grumpy, quiet and noisy all in the space of five minutes! He hasn’t shown a preference to males or females whilst with us and will allow both my wife and I to stroke and tickle his head; this is on his terms though but he makes it clear when he wants Dudley time.

We also have two daughters, one he likes the other not so much.

Dudley will eat pretty much anything you offer him, currently he has a mix of AS30 plus chop everyday, he especially loves orange, sprouts, pasta and broccoli stems.

He has only been out of his cage once but we keep trying to coax him, when he did come out he stepped up for me to go back in although I’ve not managed to get him to step up in his cage.

In terms of noise, he can be very quiet for long periods but can also be quite noisy especially near dusk, not screaming just general “quacking”. He will scream very loudly on occasion but it’s not often, maybe a couple of times a day every few days, certainly not every day.

Dudley loves his toys, he likes preening his rope and bashing his swing, shredding cardboard is a favourite activity too. When it’s bedtime around seven he goes under a blanket and he chills very quietly until we go to bed.

He does talk, Hello, Hello Dudley, Night night, Good bye, Clap and a couple of swear words are what we have heard so far

Dudley is the first macaw I’ve looked after and it’s been a pleasure, he has so much character and with being a sixties child at 53 years young he must have seen so much you never know what he’s going to come out with.

Location: Wirral

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