PP number: PP686

Name: Polly

Species:  Timneh African Grey

Cage supplied: Yes 

Adoption fee: £CITES


Hi my name is polly I’m a Timneh African grey
I’m a little unpredictable sometime I will let you give me cuddle on my terms but you need to be careful as I will give you a bite when I’ve had enough I will come out of my cage but this is done on my terms I’m not always easy to get back into my cage
I currently eat Tidy mix or Tropimix but I’m not fussy on what I’m given I do like a bit of a change up
I don’t mind fruit and veg but I do love grapes
I haven’t stepped up for my safe house mum yet but I think over time I’m sure I can do it
I do have a new cage and some toys
I can be a pain when it comes to changing my food bowls although I haven’t bitten my safe house mum when changing my food I do like to put my beak on the top of the bowl holder
I don’t mind children being around as long as they don’t touch me
I don’t seem to be worried about other birds being around
I do say hello and bye and make some other noises
Sometimes I can be a little on the loud side
I don't mind been showered either


Location: Norwich

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