PP number: PP063

Name:  Sid

Species:  Medium Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Cage supplied:  Yes

Adoption fee: £200


Hello let me tell you all about me. I'm Sid, and I'm Male and I'm 35 years plus.

My feathers are far from great, but I'm now growing these, on my legs and under my wings.  I'm one of the first birds under the Problem Parrots umbrella.  I do love my food which includes vegetables, fruit, nuts, eggs and I take my time when I'm eating as I like to savour every beak full.   I am currently being offered  AS30 no peanuts or sunflower seed.

When I first came to my safe house I didn't move off my cage for ages then I got brave one day with my safe house dad and stepped off my cage onto the window sill, then on to the top of the curtains then the top of the mirror, I felt like a new bird.  He stayed back out of the way so as not to spook me.

I do like to shred paper, wood, cotton and I can play with baby toys to get a nut out of it. I don't seem to mind other birds landing on the cage either.  To get me in my cage is really easy, just tap the cage say 'bedtime' and away I go!

My cage is a double cage and at the present time I have free run of it because there isn't anybody to share it with me and you'll have to consider this when adopting me.  I would also like to say that I'm not a 'people' bird as I'm not really bothered about human interaction but would really like another bird as a companion, preferably  another Too or a larger bird. 


Location: Northeast

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