PP number: PP672 & PP673 

Name: Mango & Strawberry

Species: Alexandrine

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £125


Hi my name is Strawberry, my Safe house mummy says that I'm a female Alexandrine parrot. Just like my best pal Mango. But he can talk once I've  finished. My SF mummy calls me a proper Tom boy because I'm bossy with everyone and know what I want. She also says that I'm supposed to preen my self more, but instead I like swinging upside down on my toys.  Mango will sometimes help me preen but that's if I'm tired and finished swinging and chewing. I am always the first one out, when the door is open cause I like stretching my wings, and I like to try and fly around but I can only flutter about at the moment. I love new toys, my SH mummy said that I am a proper clown and love climbing all over them. If I'm in the middle of playing I don't like to step up on to SH mum's hand and will push you away very politely with my head. But I know that she has to take me out to clean our home but still doesn't mean I like it. I don't like the room too quiet and like the TV on and an active room. I LOVE blueberries and will chuck away any veg covering it so SH mum will only give them to me as a treat, cause otherwise I won't eat anything else. If they aren't an option I'm very open to eat other fruit and veg. I hope to meet my new mummy or daddy very soon.

Hi I'm Mango, I can be shy sometimes, but when I'm happy I will let you know by calling. I follow Strawberry's lead everywhere as she is very brave and know she can look after both of us. She will also try something before me to show me that it's ok to eat. She is my best friend and never want to be away from her. Although if she likes something I'm eating I will let her have it as I love her very much. I try and look after my self and unlike Strawberry my appearance comes before play and I will try to show her out to preen but she would rather play. She will shout at me if I annoy her too much but I don't take to heart. My SH mummy says I wear my heart on my wings and I'm very sensitive but make sure everyone is looked after before me. I eat a lot of different foods and haven't really got a favourite.  I do love to play with string though and will play tug of war with my SH mum. And I always win! I really would like a family that lets us out everyday so that we can have a flutter around. I really look forward to meeting you .

Location: Walsall

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