PP number: PP828 PP829

Name: Rio & Cosmo

Species: Maroon Bellied Conure & Pineapple Conure 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £200


Safe house mom has said we have come a long way since being with her. We now come up to her and take food. I have (cosmo) even let her stroke me and tickle my head. We need a little bit more work but we are doing really well and quite quickly.

Most of the time we are contented and quiet but we do like to tell you that we are still here and want some attention.
We will try any food you give us. Currently we have a mixture of food from seeds to nuts and fresh fruit and vegetables. We have toast for breakfast with some freshly squeezed orange juice.
Safe house mom says we will make perfect pets for someone who will give us time and attention.

We have a lovely cage to come with us with loads of space in it. We don't mind other birds and will chatter to them.

I hope you can give us a permanent home to call our own and a mom or dad who will love us.
Rio and cosmo x

Location: Portsmouth

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