PP number:  PP682

Name: Poppy

Species: Amazon (possibly hybrid)  

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150


Hello to all you Ammie addicts out there! My name is Poppy and I'm 25yrs old, I'm a hybrid Ammie Lou thinks, most probably a dyh x yc.

I have had a hard few years and not been treated well at times because I can be loud, I've had a lot of homes so I need to find my forever home now. I love food and am on a good diet, I will literally eat anything you give me, am not fussy in the slightest! My main diet here in my safe house is chop, AS30 and Hagen Hari pellets.   My safe house mum has tried me with Beaphar pellets because she personally prefers them but I like the Hagen ones best.   I do get lots of other things to eat to but those are my staples.

I was very loud and cage aggressive in my last home and previous homes. I have been prone to excessive screaming but I haven't behaved like that here, I think its because Lou doesn't have me around small birds.   I don't like them you see and she doesn't ever cover me up at anytime not at night time like some people do with their parrots, I'd very much like this to continue in my new home please.  Lou thinks its because it's been used in a negative way with me before. I am ok with larger birds though and in my last home had a great relationship with another Ammie.

I love to play and chew, my favourite things being cardboard boxes with shredded paper where I can hunt for nuts and nutriberries things like that.   I love foot toys and make Lou laugh because I take them from her foot first not beak first she laughs everytime and I love it when she laughs. I like loofah toys and wooden toys anything I can chew. I don't really like men or children but I will take food from them, I like Lou she can give me tickles, come near my cage and inside my cage without me getting aggressive like I have in the past so I think I would like to have a female main carer. We have sing songs and she is doing some training with me to help me learn to 'step up' I don't do that at the moment you see but she is confident in time I will.  I got close with putting one foot up onto her finger so I guess she's right. I can be very loud and you really need to be ok with this to consider having me.  While I am not excessive here I have my moments and trust me when I say its loud, I've got a beautiful voice so why shouldn't I share it :) while at the moment I don't step up I'm really easy to get back into my cage if you need me to all I need is you to pop some food in my bowl and I'm in like lightening! I love having a shower, I get so excited, I don't fly around much and mainly just spend my time on my cage. Overall I'm a happy birdie, give me lots to do, interact with me and you'll see how happy I can be. Lou says i'm such a beautiful bird inside and out, she loves me lots and you will to. 

 Location: South Wales

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