PP number: PP375 & PP376

Name: Elvis & Presley

Species:  Cockatiel 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £ Donation gratefully received


Hi we are the extremely loveable Elvis and Presley, man and wife, cuddly tame fabulous and attention seeking extraordinaire. 

We have our own cage but all we need now is a forever family to love us. 
I’m Elvis, I’m the man of the house, I have a darker chest than the missus. I’m super friendly and love to step up and be on your shoulder. I can’t fly very good but I do try, ending in me having to be picked up, so I sometimes do it on purpose so my human has to get me. I love tickles on my head and I will fluff my crest up if I’m enjoying it. 

I’m Presley, Elvis’s wifey. I’m like the hubby, I’m friendly, love to perch on your shoulder and will come investigate whatever you’re up to. I have my favourite swing that I perch on all day happily swinging about. I can fly better than the hubby but we like hanging out together. 

We lived with other birds so they don’t bother us, as long as we can stay together. We make a great team and we promise you won’t regret adopting us. We aren’t noisy, we love human company and don’t bite. 

Our safehouse Mam can pick us up, tilt us back, tickle us anywhere, she gives us kisses on our heads, let’s us play out of our cage all day too. 

Currently we are on tidy mix but don’t care much for it so our safehouse Mam is changing it to a better mix with smaller pieces in as Elvis has an undershot beak so tiny pieces are better for him as we love our food. We love a millet hanging up, and enjoy a chunk of apple to munch at. 

We are happy with dogs coming to our cage as long as we are locked away first. We also love anyone...man, woman, even the little people. We don’t mind, as long as they have a shoulder and a good tickling finger. 

So if you think we would fit in your home, then what you waiting for? Get that application sent in. We promise you won’t be disappointed. 

 Location: Tyne & Wear

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