PP number: PP777

Name: Gizmo 

Species: Hahns Macaw

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £200 


Gizmo.... Well, what can I say about this absolutely fantastic and beautiful bird. He is a Hahns macaw and is utterly fab! Gizmo is 100% a woman's bird. He will tolerate a man but most definitely responds to females. Gizmo enjoys being touched by his chosen one. Loves snuggles and scratches. He is very vocal and  has quite a vocabulary including.... Pu pu chicken, hello gizmo, cheeky boy, good boy, yeeeeees, good boy gizmo, he laughs and coughs and also gives a rangers and celtic claw. He picks up words and sounds quickly and is very trainable. He is very tolerable of children and enjoys preening my four year old daughters hair. He is calm in his cage whilst other pets are in the room except birds! He will be best suited to a home with no other birds as they upset him.

Gizmo likes to chill out on your shoulder and will happily sit there all day given the chance. He can be left at home for short periods but he does have minor separation anxiety if left for long periods so a home where he would be left for a long time will definitely not suit him.

He is quite happy to chill out in his cage with his favourite toy as long as he has had sufficient "out" time per day. I generally let him out in morning for a time then again for the full evening with me and my daughter till his bed time at 9pm  .He sleeps happily from bedtime until you decide to wake him in the morning, and I've found the more sleep he gets the more amenable he is.

Gizmo is very much a people's bird and loves the attention of female visitors. He is quite shy with males and takes a while to come out of the cage.

Gizmo can be quite vocal if he feels he is not getting attention and will tell you so by screeching if you leave the room but I've  found that as long as he has his "out" time and he isn't left in the house alone for long periods his separation issues are more stable and he generally doesn't screech at all.

In my opinion gizmo would benefit from a home where the main carer was female and preferably worked from home or spent a lot of time at home. Gizmo is on a mainly sunflower seed mix but is being weaned off that, he loves grapes and mangetout. And is partial to a bit of cooked pasta. He also loves dried corn cobs that I have bought for him and likes to pluck them when he is frustrated.  He also enjoys blueberries and has had coconut too. 

OK the bad points... Gizmo when he first arrived was absolutely horrendous, very cage defensive and gave a few serious bites. Absolutely hated skin! However you could still get him to step up if you covered your hand with a towel. He would not tolerate any contact onto his body and screeched constantly. But rest assured its very short lived.

Within a week of being with me I could lift him with bare hands and he stopped the cage aggression. Was purely self preservation because he didn't know me. As long as you can deal with the short term settling in you will be rewarded with the most loving bird you could ever meet!!

I hope I've given you enough information to consider giving this awesome man a home. I love him so much and he has only been here two weeks. I'd Consider re homing him myself if it was not for the fact he needs to  be the only bird in the household.

Please read my info clearly and if you can tick all his boxes then feel free to apply. 

Location: Falkirk, Scotland

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