PP number:  PP583 & PP578

Name: Sid and Buttons

Species:  Cockatiels  

cage supplied: NO

Adoption fee:  £50


Hello my name is Sid & I'm the pretty little white Cockatiel in the photographs. Sadly my owner no longer had time for me so contacted Problem Parrots who promised would find me a new forever home. I had started to pluck under & around my wings, although you can still see these areas I don't appear to be currently plucking which my Safe House Parronts are very pleased about. I was purchased in 2013 as a boy but then I surprised everybody by laying an egg. I haven't laid since being in my SH, I have though been introduced to Buttons & we get on rather well so will be looking for a new home together. Buttons is still quite young, about a year old. He came to PP as the lady in the house he used to live in had breathing problems which were worsened when he was around. He then had to live away from the family in an unused bedroom which wasn't really ideal so he was very happy to come to PP where we now have each other & live in the lounge as part of a human flock.

My cage was not in the best of condition & Buttons cage is on the small side, now there'll be two of us so we'll need a new cage to call home. Both of us are a little nervous so not hand tame. I'm braver than Buttons, sometimes I'll step up & sometimes I'll land on you but I don't tend to stay for very long. If you're willing to work with me given a little time & patience my SHP think once I know I can trust you we could be good friends, hopefully my confidence could help to build Buttons's too. We'll sometimes open our beaks when your hands come close & I will touch you with mine but neither I nor Buttons have actually bitten. We like to come out each day. Sometimes in the mornings we can be a little bit noisey (actually that's more Buttons than me) until that big ole door has been opened for us to spread our wings. Sometimes I'm happy to stay in my cage but it's nice to have the opportunity to come out. For the most we take ourselves back in when we're hungry that's when our SHP sneakily close the door until the next convenient time to let us out arises. We currently live with two dogs so it's important for us not to meet them out of our cage. We do like to nibble on house plants & even artificial Christmas Trees (????) so you will have to make doubly sure there's nothing toxic/ dangerous in our new environment that could make us poorly, we haven't nibbled on any fixtures or fittings in our SH so won't damage your home. We then don't usually get noisy again until early evening which is normal for birds. We're used to being covered at night, once this is done you won't hear from us again until we're uncovered in the morning & are getting excited about breakfast & being let out for another new day. We both like Millet, our SHP currently hand feed this to us rather than hanging it to help us get used to hands. We also eat Tidymix Parakeet Seed Blend & have a fresh daily supply of various fruit & veg along with soaking beans, rice & pasta, we aren't great at eating these but with our SHP being persistent we are getting better. Buttons loves peas but it's not yet obvious what my favourite is. We're a little bit silly & even with lots of different perches in the cage our SHP have lent us we still prefer to sit on the edge of our dishes so you will have to check them regularly as we poop in them .... they call silly people 'birdbrained' for a reason!!! 😉Buttons will give you wolf whistles, he can also say 'pretty boy' or is it 'pretty bird', we're not quite sure. We're two lovely little birds who have found each other we just now need to find our forever home

Location: Birmingham 

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