PP number: PP857

Name: Jacko

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes plus travel cage

Adoption fee:  £150


Jacko is the sweetest guy ever. He is my first safe house friend and I am extremely surprised at how easy he has made it!

He switched straight onto a Tidymix and AS30 mix diet and also eats chop as it was slowly introduced. He has adapted very well and very quickly.

He came out of his cage within 24 hours of being here, yet the home he came from, told me that he never did that there.
He never stepped up to begin with. I started with a spare perch I have, telling him to step up, that took around 3 days before he did it every time. Then the hand within another 2 days.
He is a ladies man, and likes to scream at the guys if they get too close.
He loves to get the attention and wants to be close a lot of the time.
He loves Grapes and will eat most fruit offered, as long as it's on one of his skewers. (supplied)
He's not very fond of my AG, gets a little jealous over the attention she gets.
He's also great with my daughters, just not so much my son. (male lol)
I'm sure that whoever his forever mommy is, will be a very happy mommy indeed.

Location: Coventry

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