PP number: PP780

Name: Paisley

Species: Orange Wing Amazon 

Cage supplied: 

Adoption fee: £150


Hi my name is Paisley, I don't know how old I am but I am rather adorable!

Before I came to my safe house I was on a seed only diet but I'm now being offered lots of fresh fruit and vegetables which I've taken to quite well. 

I haven't found enough confidence to come out of my cage yet but my safe house family talk to me all the time and are trying to encourage me.  I have taken a shine to my safe house mums daughter and I will now let her give me a scritch and I let her know that she is my favourite as I shout to her when she comes home just to make sure she knows to come and give me a fuss. 

I love to do tricks and play with my new toys and my safe house family think that with lots of encouragement I will gain in confidence and eventually have the courage to leave my cage. 

I do have some friends here, there is an African Grey that I talk to and also and Indian Ringneck that talks to me, and like any parrot I can have my noisy moments. 

Although I am quite shy I will let you know if I need anything. 

I am looking for a home with a family who can spend some time helping me gain my confidence and if you have the time and the patience then I will reward you by showing my lovely personality. 


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