PP number: PP696

Name: Chico

Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £


Hello ladies! My name is Chico and I’m a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, and I’m around nine years old, which makes me old enough to know what I want in life!   And that thing is a lady, I do love my ladies and I am one smooth charmer.
I like cuddles tucked under your chin, and my hobbies are dancing and eating, I like fine dining with any fruit and veg you give me, and I also like Hagen pellets.
I’m quite sociable with other birds, I don’t mind being out with them.
I can be a bit of a loud mouth if I can’t see you, but I love helping out with chores and cooking, I even like to sit on the sink when you’re having a bath.
Now, I’m a very honest gentleman and I think it’s only fair that I tell you about my bad points. I do not like men and will fly and bite them, I’m only small but I know martial arts which I will use to protect my lady friend. I am also not very keen on children, so I will need a home where I can have time out away from the little goblins. I am also looking for a monogamous relationship, so I might not be keen on other ladies in the house or other lady visitors at times, but that’s just because I want you all to myself! If you think you're the lady for me then please let me know!

Location: Manchester

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