PP number:  pp625

Name: Charlie 

Species:  Princess Parakeet 

cage supplied: No cage to call my own

Adoption fee:  £100


Hello Everyone
My name is Charlie and I am a Princess Parakeet and my safehouse mum says I am a Princess! I am approx 4 or 5 years in age. I love to be out my cage and flying around with my safehouse mums adopted cockatiels, i sit with them on top of my cage and really enjoy the company. I play with my mirror in my home i looked at my self and move it with my beak as it makes a noise.

I am getting more confident with my safe house mummy I will let her stroke me I have never tried to bite her but when i don't want to be touched I will fly away from her. I eat a tidymix food and I enjoy this, i can be a little messy as sometimes I will use my beak to chuck seed on the floor. I eat Millet as a treat but when I have eaten mine I will try and steal the cockatiels as it taste so good!! My safe house mum leaves food and water on the floor of my cage as I am a ground feeder although, I do not eat from the ground I will use the bowls that are on my cage. I also enjoy my fruit and vegetables. I have my unique calls one that sounds like a duck, but it is cute. My feathers have so many different colours, I am beautiful.

I do have a very long tail so when I find my forever home I will need lots of room. My safe house mum feels I need to be in an indoor aviary as they have plenty of room or lots of time to fly and be out of my cage, as I am an excellent flyer. I am regularly sprayed at first I was not sure but now I have came to like it and will come closer.

Thank you for reading about me an I hope you consider me for a forever friend.

Location: Loughborough

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