PP number: PP876

Name: Gracie 

Species: Ducorps Cockatoo

Cage supplied: New one needed

Adoption fee:  £150


Hiya my name is Gracie and I am a Durcorp's Cockatoo. I am roughly 10 years old. I am now looking for my forever home.

I am looking for a busy family home with people who are around most of the time. I like bigger humans and even teenagers but I am not so keen on the little people. I dont have a preference to male or female as long as you can be my slave and give me plenty of fuss and attention. My favourite past time is sitting on a shoulder and chilling out watching what is going on around me.

I am at my happiest when I am out of my cage and I love to potter on top of my play area where I have my stacking cups that I throw around and play my tambourine. I will fly over and land on your head to get your attention but once i land I am happy for you to move me to your shoulder or arm.

In my safe house there is an African Grey. He is a silly old man and just whittles away with what ever nonsense he can make up. I do try and get on his cage but mum always tells me to go back over on mine. What mum doesn't know is that I do this to be the centre of attention.

I am currently in a home with fury dogs but I am not so keen on these and I scream to let mum know I am unhappy. To be fair to mum she does not allow them in my room when I am out of my cage.

Please dont be fooled by my size, I am a noisy girl and this was the reason why I was re homed. I am only noisy as I love all the attention and I dont like being left on my own.If i can hear you I will call for you. No one likes it when I scream but really i just want a little attention.

My safe house family say I am a beautiful loving girl. She is trying to stop me being so noisy by rewarding my good behaviour and ignores me when I am demanding attention. It is working but am still loud sometimes, I dont want her thinking she can forget bout me.

I need firm boundaries in place with out time everyday to play and i need to be in bed at a set time as I need my beauty sleep.

I love my food and mum has been feeding me AS30 seed mix. I do like to get my beak dirty when eating my fruit and vegetables.This is one of those times I am always quiet. You never know she might bring me some more or maybe you will?

Location: Leicester

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