PP number:  PP736

Name: Roman

Species: Senegal 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £100


Hello, my name is Roman and I’m a happy, friendly little chap with a sunny personality.  We are not exactly sure of my age but I have apparently been DNA tested so we do know I’m a boy.

I settled into my safe house as soon as I arrived and was friendly to everyone, even the little person that lives here and the resident Cockatiel but recently I have become quite jealous of everyone else and just want my safe house mum all to myself.  I still get let out with the Cockatiel that lives here but we are kept on opposite sides of the room otherwise I will sometimes try to grab his tail.

I love to sit on my safe house mum’s shoulder and will happily sit there while she goes about her business.  I also have a thing about spoons, I just love them and will happily play with one for ages.  I also love to chew wood and paper, it keeps my beak out of trouble.

I let my safe house mum trim and file my nails as I like to make sure I’m looking my best.  I don’t like being sprayed and I do pluck my feathers but I have improved a little since I got here but it seems I just can’t break the habit.

I can step up and will go in and out of my cage without any trouble at all and she is trying to help me to be more independent by playing on top of my cage instead of wanting to be with her all the time.

I can fly but will only do so when I really have to, I’m not lazy I’m just conserving my energy for getting into mischief!  My safe house mum says I make some funny sounds and I do say a few words also.

I am on a diet of Harrisons with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit and my favourite foods are Banana, oranges, coconut and sugar snap peas.  I do love my food and I’m happy to try anything new.

Now I must just tell you that when I came here I had a very large lump on my bottom so I was taken straight to the vets to have it looked at.  They said it was just a fatty lump and had the cheek to say I was overweight!  I have been taking medication for it which has to continue for the time being.  It doesn’t bother me at all but they said if it grows or does start to become an issue for me then I may need to have it removed, but with careful management it should not be an issue. Don’t let this put you off applying for me though.

So what are you waiting for, I’m ready and waiting to consider your applications.

Location: Oxfordshire

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