PP number: PP677 

Name: Eric

Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo 

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £CITES 


Hi my name is Eric and as you can see I’m a handsome chap. When I came to stay with my sh mum I was quite grubby and very grumpy. She gives me daily sprays and great food and treats and boy do I feel good. My feathers are bad and I have stumpy feathers for wings but in the last few weeks they have started growing back and becoming really white.

I can also scream at times for attention but I have learnt that my sh mum won’t run in when I demand so I don’t scream as much now. I’ve started to gain my confidence and come down the cage for daily tickles and I can be hanging there for a good 10 minutes as it’s so good. I even get tickles from the children so that’s a bonus :)

I’m quite happy sitting on the top of my cage with lots of empty boxes or a piece of wood to chew then eventually I will climb back into my cage when I’m tired. I love to have lots of conversations and when I go to bed I say “goodnight Eric” and “Good morning “ when I wake up. I’ll tell you I love you if your lucky and blow you a kiss.

If I am lucky enough to be adopted and I’m treated right I will be your best friend forever. One thing I don’t like is dogs as they scare me.

I am currently eating Johnston & Jeff, parrot lean & fit. I love my fruit and vegetables, especially broccoli, green beans, cauliflower and a piece of orange. when I get into my cage my sh mum gives me sugar snap peas as a treat for climbing in myself.

I just need a forever home with someone I can trust and treat me right and I guarantee I will be an extremely loving boy. I hope to hear from you soon love Eric ❤

Location: Humberside


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