PP number: PP859

Name: Geoff

Species: Bare Eye Cockatoo

Cage supplied: New one needed

Adoption fee: £150


Geoff has been with us just over 2 weeks and he has settled very easily. He’s a real character and knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn’t!!!
I’ll start with his bad bits as all birds have them.
Geoff is not great with young kids, he’s not bad with our 14 year old but he tries to bite our 9 and 10 year old if they get too close.
He’s very people orientated and does scream (not that loud for a cockatoo) if he can hear you but can’t see you. It doesn’t go on for long and we’ve been working on this.
If he doesn’t like the food you give him you know as within seconds it’s being posted back through his bars or thrown anywhere he can manage.
His cage needs replacing as it’s not ideal for him.
That’s it that’s all we can think of as bad points...

Geoff is a cuddle monster and adores and craves attention the more the better for Geoff! He will go to male or female with neither seeming to be preferred over the other. Strangers and new people he doesn’t care as long as he gets some attention.
We have been trying to get him to entertain himself with foraging toys and things he can chew and destroy but it’s slow progress up to now so that’s something that will need continued work in his new home.
He’s lazy!!! He can fly great but is more than happy to climb on your shoulder and let you ferry him about...
Now and then he’ll let you file his nails but again that’s on his terms and although he can say ‘hello’ and ‘oh’ that’s all he’ll say just now.
Dancing and music, Geoff loves to dance to anything but his favourite is I’m sad to say ‘baby shark’
He’s eating P15 nutribird pellets a low sunflower seed mix and we try him with fresh fruit and veg but he’s not keen except for grapes which he loves.
There’s no doubt in our minds that Geoff will settle in very quickly in his new forever home so if you’re looking for a very loving, comical and full of life new addition to your family get in touch.

Location: Doncaster


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