PP number:  PP558

Name: Buddy

Species:  Blue Fronted Amazon

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £ 150


Hello my name is Buddy, and don't you think I'm just the most handsome chap?

I've been in my safe house now for a couple of weeks and when I first came here I thought I preferred men but now I really like my safe house mummy.  I let her stroke my head and beak and I do fly to her, but I use my beak to hold on so she has a few bruises until I can get the hang of it, I've even let her hold me a couple of times after I've had a good fly. 

I love my showers and dunking my head in my water bowl, and then then I come up and squirt my safe house mummy!

I'm really good with my food and eat most of what I'm offered and I now go on to the floor and take a treat too. 

 I am quite nervous when other birds come near me.  I do talk, and I can sometimes swear too I'm afraid, but I do tend to mumble sometimes so it's difficult to understand what I'm saying. 

If I get scared I do tend to bite my legs, although I don't do any damage, my safe house mum thinks it's just a nervous thing. 

I am quite a big boy and when I first came here I didn't fly too well but I've been getting lots of encouragement and now I'm sure I'm getting better at it and I do enjoy a fly around the room.

My safe house mum thinks I need to be the only bird with someone who is home most of the day.  I also need someone who has the time, patience and understanding to give me the attention I need and continue my training.  They say that they think I will come on in leaps and bounds.  So if you think you fit the bill then get your applications in. 

Location:  Essex

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