PP number:  PP631

Name: Oscar 

Species:  Blue & Gold Macaw  

Cage supplied: Yes but will need a new one 

Adoption fee:  £250


Hello my name is Oscar and as you can see I'm a very handsome Blue & Gold Macaw and I'm 14 years old.

Unfortunately I didn't have a very good start in life as I was confined to my cage for about 13 years.  I was then moved to a new home but I was housed with a pair of bonded Green wing Macaws,  and they gave me a hard time, so in the months I was there I lived under my cage. 

Now that I'm with my safe house family I do have my own space and I'm learning that I can come and go as I want.

I do have a night time routine  and will say good night when I go into my cage. Well it's only good manners isn't it?

I also have a feeding routine and I'm currently being offered Tidymix seed, nuts  and fruit with some veg.  Please remember though that my favourites are banana and walnuts.   I will take treats from you but I'm still very nervous so I'm very cautious when I interact with you. 

My safe house family tell me that my behaviour patterns are a little erratic but that's really to be expected as I've had very little human contact.

I will sometimes let my head and beak be stroked on my own terms, but when I've had enough I will let you know.

I don't step up yet and I'm still too nervous to leave the safety of my cage so my safe house family think that I would be best in a home with no other birds and no children please.   

If you would like to share your life with me then please only apply if you have lots of time, patience and can continue with my routine and training.  I need to build my confidence you see and when you've had a bad start like me it can take some time. 

Location:  Liverpool

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