PP number: PP870

Name: Masie

Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon

Cage supplied:Yes 

Adoption fee: £150


Mazie, Is a beautiful Bird! We have safe house Mazie for about a month now! And within that time she has really come out of her shell! Although Mazie was very happy and chatty when she arrived with us... She wasn’t to keen on people invading her personal space. Within that time she has allowed me to stroke, cuddle, groom and very recently she has climbed onto my arm!
she is becoming more confident as time goes on although she still sleeps in a travel cage as she is afraid of the bigger cage

We have got Mazie into a routine since living with us!

She is tucked up in her cage by 10pm with a cover over it! Then awake by 06:30 -7 she does prefer seeds(as30) to fruit although fruit and veg is eaten

Mazie is a very clever bird she says a variety of words and phrases....

How are you doing
Wanna dance
Oh La La
And she loves a sing song together.


Location: Harlow

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