PP number: PP155 & PP156 

Name: Franki & Kiki

Species: Orange Winged Amazon & Patagonian Conure 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £250


Hello everyone we are a loveable pair looking for our forever home together. We aren't bonded in the sense we preen each other and are uber close, (Kiki will tell Franki off if he gets close), but we are bonded as we cant be without each other, we don't like it if we are separated and cant see each other. The one thing that is vital in our new home is that we are allowed to be free ranging, if we are not I, (Kiki), will make constant noise and this is no exaggeration, I start in the early hrs of the morning usually around 5 and it will continue the whole day until sundown with a few seconds in between each call. I'm not a screamer as such but I am loud and continuous with my calls which is the reason we have come back into the charity, In our sh we have been free ranging and I barely make a sound now so I just want to stress the importance of this, its what we need to be happy birds. When we first move in with you I will prob call for a couple days until I get settled, I will have to get used to my new environment but once I do I will stop. We are fine with other animals in the house and other birds. I'll start by telling you about Franki

Franki is disabled, he has an issue with his hips but this isn't a painful problem for him and he doesn't take any medication or have regular check ups for it its just something he has to live with and for now doesn't cause him any problems. Franki never used to be able to use his foot to hold food and eat but thanks to the love and dedication of his last home he achieved this and its great to see him do it now. Franki loves his food, he is a typical ammie in that his belly rules his life, he eats like a horse and will eat anything you give him, he loves a selection of nuts, nutriberries, loves his chop and eats Hagen Hari tropical pellets, he really enjoys his AS30 to. He is not fussy so you will enjoy cooking for him and trying him with different foods. He doesn't play a lot with toys but enjoys chewing willow branches, he is learning to play with different toys though and showing more interest in them. He isn't overly keen on a shower but he needs one a couple times a week at least. Franki doesn't step up but he can be picked up and have cuddles, he makes a racket when you pick him up but its just noise, he has never bitten anyone when this happens and doesn't mind, he has to have his pins done as he cant do them himself, he will wear hoodies and sometimes needs picking up to be put back on his cage, he doesn't fly well so will struggle to get back without your help. Franki is great with children and will have cuddles, he is well natured with everyone.

Me, (Kiki), so as I said above I am a noisy bird if you don't give me what I need and that's freedom, if I have it I am not noisy. Another reason is that I am a plucker and while I have been here and living free I haven't plucked. I am a bit fussy with food and tend to decorate the floor with it, I do love all nuts, nutriberries, AS30 seed, I eat Hagen Hari tropical pellets but I can be fussy with veggies so my sh mam is converting me onto chop. I love toys, I love to play, I love it when you play with me to. I don't step up and am not what they call tame, I will go to bite if your hand gets too close, I'm not like Franki I wont go to everyone but I love interaction with you, I will dance for you, love a sing song, I just love it when your around but when your not I'm happy with my bud Franki. My sh mam thinks I'll be easy enough to train though and teach to step up and become tame. I like Franki don't really enjoy a shower but I will tolerate it, I'm a better flyer although I don't do it much, when my sh mam has seen me fly she says I've been good at it but I prob could do with building up strength as I haven't flown a great amount or large distances. 

We both come with a cage. Our sh mam has only been using one cage for us as we are out all the time, as Franki is disabled its the easier cage for him to come in and out of. It's the cage he can move around inside and outside easily, I only go into eat I am out all the time anyway so it will be up to you whether you do the same or not. Our sh mam says she loves having us here, she totally adores us and knows you will to, she says we are cute, entertaining, loveable birds who will enrich your life like we have hers. We are really easy birds to have and look forward to finding our forever home with you so pls don't hesitate and start applying for us! 

Location:  South Wales

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