PP number: PP724

Name: Tutu

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes but needs a new one

Adoption fee: £150


Tutu has the potential to make an amazing addition to the family.
In the time we’ve had her she’s been not a bit of bother, she is a lovely bird with an ever emerging personality. She was very shy and stand offish when she first arrived as obviously she had no idea who we were but she’s coming round and now enjoys head tickles from both me and my wife when she is in the mood, when she’s not in the mood she backs off and has never offered to bite either of us. We’ve told the kids to talk to her from a distance so not to freak her out and she responds well to them too.
Night time routine is nice and simple she steps up on to her perch and she is easily placed back in her cage... we did have one night where she decided it wasn’t bed time and every time she got near the cage she climbed up the outside and flew back over to the Java wood haha. Once in her cage and covered she’s done till the morning no noise. (Not that she’s a loud bird because she isn’t she just chatters away)
Feeding again is no problem she’s happy to eat fresh fruit and veg, seed and pellets we tried her with a bit of scrambled egg and she loves that too and she’s not really a messy bird either very little overspill from food dishes to living room floor. Unless you give her a big chunk of carrot which she will spread around a bit.
It’s obvious that Tutu has been a plucker in the past and that her feathers have made a really good comeback but it’s also important to mention that this would need an eye keeping on so she doesn’t revert back to old habits... she hasn’t shown any signs whilst here so fingers crossed she’s past it. I will be doing updates of her progress with photos and videos on the problem parrots extra group.
Can you give Tutu the forever home she deserves?

Safe house summary

Who is the birds main carer while in safe house  


Does the bird show any preference to either male or female 

She’s not shown a preference to either

Are there any children in the home and do they interact with the bird? 

3 children that all talk to her but don’t go too close in case they freak her out..

In your opinion would the bird be suitable to be placed in a home with children? 

Absolutely yes

Are there any other pets in your home? If so please detail how your safe house bird reacts to these pets (ie is he/she frightened when a dog barks etc) 

We have dogs and she’s not phased by them in the slightest. We also have another Amazon and a GCC and she’s not really bothered with them either.

What is the birds sleep pattern. ie hours sleep and is the bird covered 

We put her away between 8 and 9 and cover her up, she’s uncovered again around half 7.

How many hours a day is the bird currently out of it's cage? 

Around 6 hrs as we don’t have the birds out at the same time.

In your opinion would the bird be suited to a home where there is someone home all day, or would the bird be able to be left alone while the adopter works? Please detail with reasons for your answer. 

We’ve had her for just over 2 weeks and we both work and this hasn’t bothered her at all, she gets plenty of out of cage time and we are slowly gaining her trust. She likes a head tickle but on her terms, with time this is getting more frequent.

Does the bird prefer to play on it's cage or does it prefer a play stand 

When the cage opens she flys straight over to the Java wood that is on the outside of our other amazons cage and she is happy to stay there for hours watching out of the window and destroying little wicker balls

How independent is the bird. Does he/she play on their own, sit and watch the world go by, or do they require a lot of interaction from their human companion? 

She is very independent but seems to be enjoying interaction more as the days go by.

How does the bird interact with other birds? Please detail including which other birds live with the safehouse bird. 

She doesn’t or hasn’t as of yet really shown any interest in our other birds.

Feeding habits. What are the birds favourite foods? Do they eat chop, sprouted or pellets? Please detail. 

She has pellets, a bit of seed and chop fresh each day. She loves grapes most we have found. Although she does love to chew up a full carrot and spread it around a bit..

Does the bird step up? If so is this onto a hand or a perch. Please detail. 

She steps up onto her perch first time every time, she’s good as gold with that. I’m sure in time she’ll learn to trust enough to step up onto hands or arms too

If the bird does not step up or is not handleable then what training tools do you use to interact with the bird and does the bird go in and out of it's cage of it's own accord? Please detail including any signs of aggressive tendencies. 

No aggression

What other training have you done with the bird ie harness training 

The main thing we’re doing is just trying to build her confidence as she’s pretty shy. So just lots of talking to her and hand feeding etc..

Is the bird vocal? Does he/she scream at certain times or just likes to chatter/talk. Are there any noticeable triggers. Please detail 

We haven’t heard any actual words but she’s trying, she chatters away to herself, wouldn’t say she’s overly loud but occasionally does make herself heard.

Do you have an outside aviary and does the bird enjoy being outside? 

Don’t have one at present

Does the bird enjoy a shower or does he/she prefer to bathe in his water bowl? 

She does bathe in her water bowl and we have a spray bottle that she does enjoy

Location: Donacaster

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