PP number: PP784

Name: Ozzie

Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: CITES


Hello everyone my name is Ozzie and I'm a very handsome Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. 

Like most Cockatoos I have my likes and dislikes so let me tell you about them!

I really would prefer male carer as I'm definitely not as keen on women,  but all is not lost as I do let my safe house mum touch me in my cage. 

I am  also unsure of children so would rather an all adult home please. 

I do put up with other birds when I’m out, but would prefer to be an only bird.

I can be a bit picky with my food but I eat my seed and nuts, especially walnuts.  Although I'm offered fruit and vegetables daily I don't always eat them but with patience and perseverance I may just give it a go!  

Well us Cockatoos can be loud sometimes and I'm no exception as I have my moments but I also talk and dance to gain some attention too. 

I can protest loudly when I think I have something important to tell you or when it's bed time and I’m covered over, but I only protest for about 5  mins then I settle down till I'm uncovered in the morning.

I really enjoy being at the bottom of my cage shredding paper and foraging, so I'm easy to keep amused.   I do come with a cage but I would like a bigger one if possible.

Location: Essex

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