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Name: Harri

Species: Nanday Conure

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Adoption fee: £100


Hi my name is Harri and I am a very friendly bird.

I will happily climb onto anyone's shoulder and either start preening them or preferably have a little dance. I really like music you see and can't resist bobbing my head and whooping along. So far my favourite music is rock music but I will dance a little to almost anything.

I have a preference for female company if I have the choice in the room but I still spend hours with my safe house dad chewing his beard and nibbling his ear, although sometimes a little too hard which makes him wriggle. There's only one thing I like to nibble more than ears, necks and beards and that's earrings but no one wears them anymore. It's almost as if they don't want me to steal them and never give them back. Apparently I occasionally get carried away and nibble the clothes that my safe house mum and dad wear but they now have "special clothes" that I've already nibbled so that I don't make holes in their entire wardrobe.

I sometimes like playing with wooden toys but only to turn them into splinters. I prefer sitting on someone's shoulder whilst they go around the house. I'm pretty good at riding a shoulder and only get spooked by certain sounds such as with cutlery, crockery or pots and pans. These make me fly either back to my cage or back down to where I was before. When I don't hear these noises I can ride a shoulder for hours!

I can be a bit fussy with food. I like my Tidymix but I am getting used to eating fruit either from someone's hand or on a skewer. I like grape kebabs and melon, pear and apple if they are hand fed to me. I don't tend to like my veggies but I've been eating corn-on-the-cob when it is hung in my cage. It looks a bit like a toy you see. I think my safe house dad thinks he's tricked me into eating it but it's quite sweet so I like it anyway.

Where I am staying at the moment there is another smaller bird which is a budgie. I don't tend to take much notice of him but I really don't like it when this other bird is sharing my shoulder space or gets too close so I move across to scare him away. He normally gets the message and flies away before I get close. He gets his own time for fun so I don't want him butting in on mine.

I have never had a home where I had as much company as I wanted so I would like to like to find a home where I can spend a lot of time sitting on people outside of my cage, preferably another lady who likes rock music. This is when I am the happiest.

Harri x


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