PP number: PP645

Name: Albert

Species:  Congo African Grey

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: CITES


Hello, Albert here!

I'm a very affectionate chap once I get to know to you and whilst in my Safe-house I have gained enough confidence to step up.  I am a very active fellow and I like to be out of my cage most of the day if possible.

I don't mind anyone, men, women or children I just like company so I would appreciate it if you could keep this in mind when you apply for me.

I am currently eating AS30 and Tropican Pellets and of course my fruit and veg.

I'm not really interested in toys, I like to see what's going on around me but my safe-house family keep giving them to me just in case I change my mind.  Maybe once I'm settled into my forever home I will feel more like playing with them.  I do say "Hello", "see you later" and I'm afraid a few naughty words too but I'm happy to learn some nice new words if you help me. 

I'm told that with a little time, patience and understanding I'm going to make someone a lovely companion, so what are you waiting for!

Location:  Stockton on Tees

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