PP number: PP883

Name: Coco

Species: Parrotlet

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: Donation gratefully received 


My name is Coco. My safe house  mom says I have beautiful song.  I don't like the chop my safe house mom is giving me but she is trying really hard to get me to eat it.

I do like Tidymix and milliet though and will eat those all day everyday.
My safe house  mom said ideally she would like to see me go in an avairy with other birds like myself. I think i would be happy in one.

I really like the look of her other small birds here but sh mom has not let us mix.
I am a little hand shy but will land on your head when I'm out flying about. Sh mom says I love coming out of the cage so much that I can be naughty when she wants me to go back so the others can come out. I dont mean to be naughty i just dont like going back hehe...
Thank you for reading all about me and I really hope you have somewhere in your heart to offer me somewhere I can live my life out.

Love coco.

Location: Portsmouth

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