PP number:  PP647 & PP648

Name: Dexter & Cleo

Species: Quaker

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150



Hello everyone!  Just look at us two beauties!  We are a bonded pair of Quakers called Dexter and Cleo.  Let us tell you about ourselves.

I’m Dexter and the best talker out of both of us. When no one is looking I will chat away and I can tell you I speak quite well and it’s very clear. I have to say my safe house mum and dad find me very cute as I'm sure you will too.   I ask what you are doing, which is my favourite saying, and I also say "hello Dexter",  "good boy"  and also "good girl Cleo"  who I love loads.
I love my food, and I currently eat AS30 veg and fruit andI 'm  not fussy about which veg or fruit you feed me, I'm willing to try nearly everything.

I also love palm oil on wholemeal toast too. I will step up but some times I will give a little bit of a nip but also like nibbling your fingers too.  My safe-house mummy says this doesn’t hurt though.

 I am a very good flyer and love being out of my cage and I’m easy to go back into the cage as well.
I am happy to sit on your shoulder and have chats with you. I don't mind being out with other birds as I'm quite friendly. I also don't mind children once I get use to them.

I will let Cleo speak now!

Hello I'm Cleo and Dexter’s best friend/girlfriend. We are so in love and would be very upset without him.  We spend quite a lot of our day preening each other and chatting away
I don't speak like Dexter does(show off) but I'm happy with just cheeping away its just as fun.
I also love my food and I have fruit veg and AS30, we share a cage and that's important to us so please keep this in mind when applying to adopt us. 

I am good flyer, and I will step up when I am ready.  I'm not as nippy as Dexter is, although sometimes I can take a little while to step up but I will, it just takes time for me to do this.

I love being out of my cage and I'm also easy to go back into my cage too. I will let you handle me, which I don't mind.
I don't mind other birds and I will sit with my safe house children quite happily.

Now this is when everyone feels sorry for me awwww
I have two lumps, one under my left wing and one in the center of my chest. These have been checked by a very nice vet who has said that these need to be kept an eye on to make sure they don't get bigger, but she is happy for me to go to a new loving home as long as these are kept an eye on to make sure they don't grow too big.
These don't make anything hard for me to do I can still move around and fly eat like any other bird would.

We come with our own shared cage and some toys and would love to find our forever family very soon please. 

*Dexter and Cleo have an ongoing medical issue which needs to be kept an eye on and will be discussed with applicants,  but their vet is happy for them to find their forever home.*

Location: Norwich

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