PP number:  PP603 & PP604

Name: Rosie & Jim 

Species: Ringneck's 

cage supplied: NO

Adoption fee:  £100


Hello, please meet Rosie and Jim, these beautiful pair are around 4months old, they are very shy but within the couple of weeks of being here they no longer panic when I go into their cage for their bowls.

Jim is the braver as he now stays on his perch but Rosie will go away but she is coming closer so good sign that taming these babies with time, as far as food is concerned they are on tidymix and fresh veg for tea which I have not found them to not like anything other than Brussels, when out of the cage they are scared, do like to hide and as they don't step up yet they need guidance back to cage and at the moment I'm using stick and saying step up

 Please note these babies have not been in safe house long but due to their age we though best to get them settled into their new loving home so they can start building trust and relationships with their new owners. 

Location: Peterborough

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