PP number: PP895

Name: Bobo

Species: Orange Wing Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150


Hello my name is bobo. I am a very happy amazon. Sh mom says i am very comical. Mom says im a loving lad which makes me an amazing companion.

Sh mom says i like to chat back. I especially do this when she is on the phone or trying to talk to people. The louder she speaks the louder i shout. Well i need to be hears dont i!?!

I dont especially dislike males or really like them. But i do tend to like the ladies. So would prefer to go to a nice home where i would mainly be cared for by a lady.

Sh mom gives me tidy mix and chop..i love chop its my favourite. She does however try and get me to eat these pellet looking things and i must say i am not impressed and if they are in my way when i try to eat my seed i will throw it at her. She still hasnt got the 'message'.

I dont mind being left while my sh mom is out but i do get really excited when she comes home. As i know i will be let out of my cage. I do like being out. Sh mom has a really big lounge so i can fly all around it. I really do love doing this plus there is no getting away from me. I will just fly back to you if you put me back on top of my cage.
Thank you for taking the time to read what i have to say. I do hope you can become my new mommy.
Love bobo xx

Location: Portsmouth

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