PP number: PP871

Name: Mitty

Species: Alexandrine

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £125


We call Mitty ‘Peter Pan’ which he seems to acknowledge now. The first few days he just screamed all day. We left him to settle and just made the usual routine noises around him. He has never lunged or bitten and allowed me to pick him up to move him into a new cage. His body language is easily understood and we don’t push him. He eats really well: Tidymix and a good selection of fruit and veg. He’ll try anything but loves pears and sweetcorn. 

He’s settled beautifully now and only calls in the morning at 7am and in the evening. Classical music sends him into a trance and he often purrs to it.
He plays with his toys if you don't watch him and loves chewing anything.
He won’t step out of his cage yet but shows interest and his door is often just left open. We have other animals which are kept separately at that time but he is not bothered by them or their noise.
He is going to take some time to trust us but I’m sure he will grow more and more confident each day. He’s a pleasure to house.

Location: Telford

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