PP number:  PP726

Name: Phoenix

Species:  Green Cheek Conure

Cage supplied: Yes but only suitable for sleeping in.

Adoption fee: £100


Phoenix - dainty but daring. This lovely little bird will fit into any family, he makes lots of noises and loves a head tickle just remember he likes lots of time out and plenty of things to play with and chew. An inquisitive little fellow who serenades you from morning to night with typical conure music. He may be small but he is mighty... and will need constantly handling to ensure he doesn’t become nippy, you will also need to continue the usual boundary training and keep his mind busy as like all birds, if he gets bored he will become destructive. Foraging and plenty of well selected chewing toys and maximum time outside of the cage will help.

This little fellow is happy to be with you or just pottle about. He is on a good diet of chop and Tidymix with grapes and bird safe dried fruit as training treats.

He is one in a million. 
His cage is suitable for sleeping only, he is a great flyer and loves nothing more than to sit on your shoulder and see what’s going on.
He is 2 years old and used to other birds, and has heard dogs in the background.

Location: Plymouth

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