PP number:  PP639

Name: Matisse

Species:  Indian Ringneck

cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:


Hi there, my name is Matisse and as you can see I'm the most handsome Blue Indian Ringneck.  When I arrived at my safe-house I was very nervous and didn't like hands in, or out, of my cage, but I'm starting to settle down now.  I am getting more confident but I do still need a little encouragement.  I'm eating lots of nice healthy food and I love carrots and blueberries and I've also been offered Tidymix which I love. 

I enjoy time out of my cage and I will happily take myself back in when I'm ready, especially if my favourite food is in there, and I'm having regular showers which I also really appreciate.

There are other pets, and children here which don't bother me at all.

I'm looking for someone who would help me learn to trust fully and with a little training and understanding I know I will.

Location: Derby

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