PP number: PP655

Name: Onya

Species: Green Cheek Conure

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £100


Hi my name is onya I’m a very cheeky Green Cheek Conure
If anyone in my safe house walks past my cage when it’s open I do like to shoulder surf on them and then I wander down their arm and nudge them for head tickles.
I love my food my main diet is veg and fruit but my favourite is orange and my Harrison’s pellets
I don’t like pineapple I like to throw this out my cage when it’s closed to the dogs to eat but they don’t like it either.i am in a safe house with a big dog and a little dog we also have a cat here I laugh at them when they get told off but I’m safe I’m my cage when they are around ...I don’t pay no notice to them and they don’t pay notice to me
My safe house mum has lots of grandkids in and out and I love them lots too,I did nip to start with but haven’t done recently at all but I can nip when I’m new to people ..
I can talk very clearly my favorite words are ‘Oohhh yes’ ‘what you doing’
If I know you are out of the room I will shout until you answer me
When I go to bed I’m very quite I don’t make a sound once I’m covered until the morning
I also like eating porridge with fresh strawberries
I’m quite happy to eat from your hand
I am just a lovely all singing dancing and chatty little lady who loves everyone and very comical
I can fly to you but I do prefer to waddle like a duck whilst talking away as this is what I do best 🙂
I’m very easy to get back in my cage
I will make a great bird for a family home I’m very content
I do come with my own cage which is quite new and lots of lovely toys
I’m also clicker trained

Location: Great Yarmouth

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