PP number:  PP696

Name: Chicco

Species: Lesser Sulphur Crested

Cage supplied: Yes but really needs updating 

Adoption fee:  ¬£CITES


Hello everyone, my name is Chico and I'm a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.

I'm currently staying with my safe house dad and an African Grey called Ollie, they have been teaching me to relax and enjoy being sociable.  I don't mind Ollie at all at the moment so a new home with other birds wouldn't be a problem to me. 

I enjoy playing and interacting once I trust you. I've also been learning about new foods fruit and vegetables, I'll throw it away and then eat it later, although I'm still eating some seed until I'm totally convinced that this new stuff is healthy for me!

I love being out in the fresh air and will talk for England once I get to know you and feel comfortable.  

I am learning not to bite and you will need to continue this training with me please.

I'd like a home where everyone talks to me, but no little fingers please. 

Location: Liverpool

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