PP number:  PP598

Name: Rosie 

Species: Galah Cockatoo

cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150


Hi I’m Rosie a Galah Cockatoo my safe house mom is unsure of my exact age but she thinks I am an older bird. I can be nervous and timid when I first meet you but once I’ve settled in boy will you know who rules the house.I am a beautiful girl who has a bald chest due to plucking my safe house mom doesn’t think the feathers will grow back but says how beautiful I am with my bare chest I also have two of my toes missing on one foot and I’m not the best at walking on flat flooring but I get around my cage easy enough and like being on my safe house moms sofa.

My safe house mom sprays me and this is something I’m not keen on but to help me with my new itchy pins I am sprayed first thing on a morning to make sure I’m nice and fresh for the day ahead!I also like to sit under my avain light which my safe house mom has provided.

I like my tidymix which my safehouse mom now has me on me, I am also given chop everyday with different vegetables and fruits somedays I will give it a try other days I won’t bother with it but my safe house mom still insists on giving it me everyday. I have my favourites I love fresh and dried bananas and also enjoy nuts as treats.

I have been spoilt since being with my safe house mom she has given me lots of toys I like the foot toys and have played with a couple but it just depends if I’m in the mood to play or not but they are always there for me if I am.

I am besotted with my safe house dad even though i don’t mind my safe house mom my favourite is the men in the house I think I would be suited in a home with older children over the age of 10 years old. I am a quiet bird and I do like a quiet environment my safe house mom thinks I wouldn’t cope well in a loud and busy environment, I also enjoy spending all my day outside my cage with the company of my safe house family, my safe house mom makes sure I am in bed for 7pm and covered up with my blanket.

I am not keen on dogs this may have been the cause of the plucking from the begging so I would need to be in a home with no dogs/cats, I may possibly be housed with another bird but it would have to be a calmer laid back bird as I tend to get upset easily .

Location: Dudley

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