PP number: PP791 

Name: Gertie

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon 

Cage supplied: New one needed

Adoption fee:  £150


Hi, my name is Gertie, I am a Blue Fronted Amazon.

I have been told I am 14 years old. I'm a good girl most of the time, every now and again I do shout, but there is usually a reason and can be stopped easily.
My carer feeds me in the morning with Fruits & nuts but out of my cage on a stand he talks to me a lot while doing this. I have my cage cleaned out every day with fresh water twice daily.
He is trying to get me to hop onto his hand, but I am not ready for this yet but I do let him give me head scratches and I have been on his shoulder a few times which I liked.
He cooks my dinner at around 5 o'clock of freshly cooked veg mix. at 7:30 pm he puts a cover over my cage to sleep until 07:30 am.
I live with 3 African greys and 3 dogs which do not bother me.
In the afternoons my carer takes me away from my cage and puts me on my stand in the living room where I sit and watch the TV and fish in the tank and to look out of the window.
There is also a lady here which I do not tolerate, but again with persistence & training I could possibly overcome this.
My carer talks to me all day but the only word I've managed so far is "Hello" and chitter/chatter all day.
I think in time with patience and care I can overcome any of my difficulties that I have, as I am a nice bird.

Location: Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire

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