PP number: PP695

Name: Albert

Species: Umbrella Cockatoo

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £200


Hello Albert! 

My name is Albert and I like to tell you that to get your attention.  My safe house mum says I’ve got such a lovely voice, I love to mumble and when sitting on her knee or on the arm of the chair I will mumble and tell her lots of stories.  I do give a lovely cuddle and will lay my head on her shoulder and lean right into her but I’m also just as happy sitting on my cage amusing myself.  I do have a tendency to become over bonded so I will need a home where I’m allowed to be independent and she also says it’s best that I’m not in a home with young children.  I can also shout, loudly, and if I'm not getting the attention I think I deserve then I will let you know about it. 

Ideally I would like to spend all day sitting on my cage or on a stand watching the world go by, I really am happiest when out of my cage. Before I came in to Problem Parrots I had to spend long hours in my cage and sometimes days went by and I wasn't able to come out so now I just want to be out as much as possible so please only apply for me if you can give me lots of 'out time'. 

Sometimes I will step up but most of the time once the cage door is opened I will come out when I'm ready, and we are doing lots of clicker training to help me understand what I'm being asked to do.  My safe house mum says I’ve picked this up really well.

The perches and toys I came with were not very good so my safe house mum has bought all new belongings for me and she says I can take them all with me when I go. I do have quite a big cage too, which takes up quite a lot of space. 

When I came here I was a seed junkie and addicted to dried banana chips which I’m told isn’t the best diet for me so I’m being offered lots of vegetables and some sprouted things that I usually just chuck on the floor.  I then protest loudly in the hope that she will give in and let me eat what I want but it’s not working so far and I’m gradually coming round to her way of thinking.  She is also giving me something called Roudybush and although I wasn’t convinced at first, I’m now tucking in and enjoying that.  My favourite treat is a pine nut and so these are kept for training and I will do anything for them.  She thinks that once my diet improves and I settle down my overall feather condition will improve but that will probably take a little time. I heard her saying that once I’ve settled a little more she’s going to start making me forage for my food, apparently that’s going to be good for me, but I won’t make it easy for her that’s for sure.

I really don't like other birds, and so we all have separate times out, and at the moment we have to be in separate rooms as I can become aggressive towards them.   At first it seemed that I liked being in with the other birds but now I've been put into another room and my safe house mum says I'm much happier, and it's easier for me to be let out safely away from the other birds as I can get very jealous of them.    One thing I really must insist on is that I have 'a room with a view'.  My cage is near the window and I love to spend time looking outside and watching what's going on. I also love to destroy my toys so I will need plenty of them to keep me occupied.  

I’ve been told that I will make a lovely companion in the right home, I'm more than happy to sit on my cage, stand or on the back of a chair, just as long as I've got some company and can see someone close by so long periods on my own will not suit me I'm afraid.   I'm happy to sit in my cage for a couple of hours if you work but when you are home I just want to come out and say 'Hello Albert' to anyone that will listen. Whoever considers me though must be prepared to continue with my training and not give in at the first hurdle as until I settle I can be  a bit of a handful, and very noisy. 

My safe house mum says I'm just the sweetest soul she has ever met but I will need to be with someone who is confident with large Cockatoos as I am quite a big boy and can get over attached to my chosen one quite quickly.  

I really need to be settled with someone that will care for me and love my little bald belly.  So, what are you waiting for, get stocked up on pine nuts and toys,   and send me your application and I will be in touch!


 Location: Nottingham

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