PP number: PP695

Name: Albert

Species: Umbrella Cockatoo

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £200


Good morning everyone, my name is Albert and I’m a male Umbrella Cockatoo and I can’t believe I’m still looking for a home! My safe house mum reckons she knows a few reasons why though 😂

I’m looking for a home with a lady, I’m a bit ferocious with men you see and I don’t mind jumping off the cage onto them and giving them a bite, they taste so juicy though so I just can’t help myself. For this reason, I need a home where the men folk can be kept out of reach, I think I could live with a man in the house but my time out would have to be managed well because I am very quick.

I am happy to be out of my cage pottering around on the top and playing with my toys in the bottom in the conservatory whilst my safe house mum is pottering around. 

I would prefer a home with no other Cockatoos or smaller birds as I’m also a bit of a devil with them too, however I can be out with my safe house mums Macaw and she doesn’t bother me, we play on top of the same cage and I think she’s alright. 
I also need a home with no young children, my safe house mum has had me out with the small ones present but I heard her say she wouldn’t trust me as far as she could throw me with them, and I reckon she could throw me pretty far if she tried.

I am a Cockatoo, so I do have my noisy moments but they aren’t consistent, she hasn’t had to buy ear defenders yet so I can’t be that bad!

I do like to come with my safe house Mum whilst she’s doing her chores, I especially like sitting on her knee when she does her make up, I do prefer doing this to sitting having cuddles because although I love them I am a hot blooded male and I get frisky very quickly and then she has to distract me with toys to keep me occupied so I don’t start humping her 🙃 I’m actually very good with my safe house Mum, if everyone else moved out (including George) we would be very happy! I’m still hoping there’s the perfect lady out there for me!


 Location: Cheshire

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