PP number: PP904

Name: Greenpea

Species: Yellow Crowned Amazon

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £150


Green pea is a lovely bird takes a few days to get to know you but once she trusts she will let u have tickles and kisses , sit with you and is happy to let you put a harness on . She likes to mouth your fingers and gives a typical Ammie squeal , whistle away and says the odd word . Green pea needs someone to be confident with her and further her training this will also need to be a lady as she does not like men and will bite if they try to touch her .
She has stepped up on to my older kids but prefers adults .
She is a very easy bird to do in many way but will need to have a diet full of greens and not to much fruit as too much sugar can be an issue .
I shall definitely miss her, she will also need a larger cage as she is quite a big bird .

Location: Melbourne, Derby

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