PP number:  PP65

Name: Charlie 

Species: Bare eyed cockatoo

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £150 


Hi everyone my names Charlie.  Im a Bare Eyed Cockatoo and I'm looking for a special lady to be mine.

I love the ladies but am really not keen on males of any age. I'm also cage territorial and will give anyone a nip through the bars if they get close enough but as soon as I'm out with you I turn into a very loving lad; a little too loving at times and I need to be removed from my chosen person to calm down for a while. I dance to 'it's all about the base' and have some other crazy moves to show you.

I adore chewing wood , cardboard, paper... in fact anything you can provide I will destroy; in the same vein can also be quite destructive if left but what cockatoo isnt?! I love my food and will share my chop with you if you sit with me. I tried pellets but wasn't keen so I'm currently on As30 and plenty of veg. I love food as toys so the more creative the better.

I can be a very loving boy to my chosen one, but can get jealous of others that want your attention feathered or human so I am best suited to a quieter home with no children and somewhere I can have time out with you by myself with preferably no men. If I get locked away a lot for the benefit of others I can get quite upset and call for you, I just want my time with you too. Thank you for reading, I hope you will consider being my forever friend

Location: Peterborough 

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