PP number: PP860

Name: Kiko

Species: Kakariki

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £Donation


Hello everyone, my name is Kiko and I’m a very chatty Kakariki. My sh mum is not sure how old I am, possibly around 3 years old. I like to say my name a lot and I ask my sh mum what’s she’s doing too... Not coming to feed me often enough, that’s for sure! I love my seed diet and I will try veggies, but I mainly like throwing them around my cage. I do love to come out and fly - I’m really good at it, but I don’t like being touched, so getting me home at night takes a while!! Like I say, I don’t like being touched and I will nip, but it doesn’t hurt and I’ve never drawn blood. I think I’ll learn to love cuddles as I do like lots of attention. I live with other birds and animals and I just ignore them.

Location: Manchester

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