PP number:  PP455

Name: Jack

Species: Blue Fronted Amazon

cage supplied: no

Adoption fee:  £150

Description:  Hi everyone! My name is Jack and  I am a very quiet bluefronted amazon. I know, that is very unusual for an amazon but I’m telling the truth! I do like to say hello duck, and sometimes I shout MUm, but my favourite thing is chatting to other birds.

My safehouse mum tells me I’m a very good boy, I like to sit with her when she’s watching tv, and I like pottering around on the kitchen sides and I LOVE it when she whistles!  I like having a tickle too, but on my own terms. I don’t bite to tell my safehouse mum no, but I do grumble at her.

When I first arrived I was a bit unsure about stepping up on hands , now I don’t really mind them, however sometimes I’m a bit bossy about stepping up in my cage but I do step up onto a stick. When I’m out I’m fine.  I may be a bit flighty when I first move in, but I soon settle down, I just like getting to know my family.

i am on a diet of Hagen Tropican Granules, I’m not very good at trying new foods (my safehouse Mum offered me pomegranate but I thought it was a dangerous creature so I ran away) however I ADORE almonds and they’re my favourite treat.

I like toys that I can shred to pieces, and I’m not a very destructive bird.

I do like having a shower and I might even join you for one too!

Previously I lived with a man, and I must say I was very protective of him. For this reason I would probably do better in a female household, I currently live with four ladies, two of them are young girls and I don’t mind any of them. 

Location: Nantwiich

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