PP number: PP773 

Name: DeeDee

Species: Timneh African Grey

Cage supplied: NO

Adoption fee:  £CITES


Hi guys I’m deedee, 

I’m a Timneh African grey

I’ve been with my safehouse dads a month or so now, and I’ve really settled in!

I whistle the Adams family tune, and love chatting away when I know you.

I enjoy spending time out of my cage just sitting on it watching the world pass me by, I live with other birds but I don’t really interact with any of them.

I am very food orientated, and love my diet which is currently Tropican life time formula sticks, I’m not overly keen on any chop but with persistence I may get used to this! 

I’m not keen on any hands, I prefer to be left to my own devices! If hands come near me I may give a little nip to tell you to keep them away, I don’t mean to do it! 

I’m looking for my forever home, with someone who is willing to let me spend a lot of the time out of my cage, someone who is willing to put time and effort and provide patience to help me come out of my shell completely! 

Love deedee x

Location: Wolverhampton 

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