PP number: PP838

Name: Milo

Species: Senegal

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee:  £100


Milo has been with me for almost three weeks now. Initially he would lunge at me and not let me touch him, but within two days he allowed me to scritch him all over. He steps up onto my hand with no problems and is easy to put back into his cage if it’s quick. He blows kisses, does a very good 40-a-dayer cough to get my attention, says hello and what ya doin?
And whistles some lovely, if not slightly out of tune melodies. He absolutely loves music!! He recently tried to regurgitate some food into my mouth because clearly i need feeding 🤢. He eats Tidymix, fruit and veg and loves potato. He loves to just sit on people and go to sleep. Loves untying shoe laces and picking things apart. Milo is a beautiful boy and super entertaining. He tolerates my two dogs staring at him in amazement (while in his cage) and they formed a great team that involves Milo dropping food through the bars so the dogs can eat it; then he laughs at them (like an evil mastermind laugh -quite unsettling!) If all parrots were like Milo, I’d have a hundred !

Location: Telford

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