PP number: PP772 

Name:  Sue

Species: Timneh African Grey 

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £CITES


Hello my name is Sue and I am in my naughty forties, I have been with my safe house mum now for a few weeks and have settled quite well.

I enjoy spending my day out of my cage just hanging out on top of my cage, I am with other birds but this doesn’t bother me neither do I bother to interact with the others I just like to do my own thing! I have been given toys/boxes but have yet to show any interest in them. 

My mom said my favourite thing to do is eat I love my food anything and everything offered to me I will eat, my current diet at the moment is AS30 seed, chop daily, nuts and fresh fruit a few times a week I really do love my food did I already say that lol.

I’m not too keen on my safe house mums hands if they approach me I may give them a little nip as they do scare me a little I have made little progress as I have let my safe house mum give me a little head tickle on my terms of course. 

I am a vocal girl and enjoy making police car noises and also having a chatter to myself when I’m waiting for my breakfast I do tell my safe house mum to “come on” Just to hurry her up this always put a smile on her face. 

I think Sue would suit most households someone who is willing to adopt Sue but leave her to do things in her own time. I think once she’s settled in with her new owner Sue will make great progress but just a little patience and love with her will need to be given she’s an older girl but you wouldn’t think it she has really settled in with our family very quickly and you sure will be in for a few giggles with their gorgeous girl.

Location: West Midlands 

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