PP number:  

Name: Taylor & Swift 

Species:  Love Birds 

cage supplied: Yes 

Adoption fee:  £40


Hello there we are a pair of active love birds called Taylor & Swift .We are roughly around 17 months old .  Although we are currently not hand tame we will happily sit and listen and whistle away while you talk or sing to us. We love to be out of our cage exploring and watching our surroundings. We love to have a fly around we are very good flyers. Although we are not hand tame our safe house mummy thinks that in time with lots of patience we will learn to love and trust our new adoptive parents.  Taylor the orange head is more confident and will sit on top of his cage quite close to you singing away while he's being spoken to. Swift is never far behind Taylor and is the most nervous of the two. In the short time we have been with our foster mummy we have learnt to eat our chop and have been trying different fruit and vegetables,  sugar snaps have been a big hit with us. We were on a pet shop food with sunflower seeds but we have been enjoying having Tidy mix seed mix added to this and think this will be out new favourite seed mix. We are not a massive fan of other birds as we like all the attention and we feel out safe house mommy's other parrots feel the same as we have to have separate times out of our cages which is disappointing as we love to be out a lot of the time , but our safe house mummy tells us it's to keep us safe. We have no preference to men or women we just want to be loved and find our forever home. We previously lived with our mummy but our daddy left and mummy felt we needed a better home where we could get the time and love we deserve because we are cute don't you think. We have enjoyed having new toys in our cage too and play with them often .  We aren't really that noisy but do love a good old whistle , our foster mummy says we are very good at that. We are good a night and once we have a blanket over our cage we go to sleep untill it's time for breakfast. Can you please consider having us as part of your family 


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