PP number: PP813  

Name: Pumpkin

Species: Green Cheek Conure

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  £100


Hi everyone, I have been working quite hard behind the scenes with this little gem.  Pumpkin is a sweet little Green Cheek Conure approximately 6 years old. She is a darling and really quite vocal for a conure! She says kisses, yes, coughs, sneezes and laughs wolf whistles and a few more I can't think of offhand. She is getting better and better with hands but can and will still bite but it's a million times better then it was, she LOVES nothing more then being on my son's head as he plays PlayStation gently grooming him, she's a gifted flier and can make her way beautifully around the house, she is fine with other birds very friendly little girlie. She will not step up onto a hand but will step on to arms but I am making huge progress with this to. She is out all day with me and only goes in for bedtime which she pops off into her fleece bed which is her favourite thing in the world. She is not keen on toys she much prefers her human company although if your late letting her out she angrily rings the bell until her human slave comes to let her out lol. Given a choice she will always choose male company over female but she will make do with me until my son gets home then I get dumped immediately. She will not eat anything but AS30 and the occasional grape and believe me I have and will continue to try everything, even Apple gets left in her bowl she's very suspicious of anything new but could do with gaining some more weight although she has gained an awful lot with us. The only thing I will say is that she can if over excited attack faces and ears this is getting less but still happens and we have had a few tears as she's got quite a sharp bite when she's serious. This is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things as she is really quite a delight I shall be really sad to see her go.Xxxx many thanks Katie xxxx

Location: Nottingham

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