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Name: Charlie 

Species: Citron crested cockatoo 

cage supplied: YES 

Adoption fee:  £0  - Cities 


Welcome everyone my names Charlie the too :) 

I came to my safehouse a while ago and she says i have been amazing to care for! I am now looking for a very quiet chilled home where i can spend the rest of my life. 

I am a bit wary of  children and the man in the house but I do think if you work with me i will come round. I am very affectionate to the lady of the house but she has had to reduce the time we cuddle as to not prompt me to crave attention.  

When my safe house mom is home i am always  out of my cage either sitting on my perched or on top of my cage, I also have a chair next to my cage with all my toys on which i will venture on to for a bit as well to play. 

I am sorry folks but i can be noisy but that has got less and less, I dont like to be left in a room by myself so my mom has been leaving me for short amounts of time pottering around the house to get me use to it and i am slowly getting better.

I can be stubborn stepping up and can mouth but nothing malicious you just need to be firm with me. I do pluck but again I think i am learning to leave them alone and i have got a fair bit of regrowth since being in my safe house.

I have been told im a  good little talker and will laugh at myself and you a lot.  I  have been going  to bed at 7pm and covering my cage and i have adapted well to this but does chatter for about the first 10 minutes but soon settles. I'm up at 7:30am and i stay quiet until you come in the room then i crave  your attention as i have missed having you around through the night. I love toys and loves to shred so lots of toys are needed to keep me occupied.  

I have been eating plenty of veg and something called AS30, I've not had much fruit but i have the occasional dried banana or walnut as a treat and i love these.

My Safe house mom says she will be really sorry to see me go but i will come on leaps and bounds in a more quiet home, she says im a very special bird and will make a very loving addition to any ones home. 


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