PP number: PP814 & PP815

Name: Skittles & Yorkie

Species: Budgerigars 

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: Donation


Hi my name is Yorkie I'm a blue male budgie. I am a confident flyer but prefer to hang out with my mate. I love climbing and that's perfect because my safe house mum has one in the window and I love sitting watching the world go by. I'm a good seed eater but don't like veggies, that doesn't mean my safehouse mum doesn't try and feed us it.

My name is Skittles and I'm a green male budgie. I can't fly, in fact I just flutter the ground. I have improved slightly but may take a while till I can fly like my pal Yorkie. If you are interested in us then you will have to take this in to consideration. I like to sit on the net in the window and if i try and fly my safe house mum is very good and give me a lift bk upto the net. We don't understand step up yet but it won't be long till we know . Like Yorkie I protest about the veggies but love seed.

We hope to get too know you soon

Loads of love

Skittles and Yorkie

Location: Walsall

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