PP number: PP830 PP831

Name: Angel & Cookie

Species: Moluccan & Blue Fronted Amazon

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £150 


Hi guys we're Cookie and Angel , I'm Angel a moluccan Cockatoo and Cookie is my son who is a Blue Fronted Amazon.

We wont step up onto bare skin but will sometimes step up onto your arm if its covered. We eat literally anything and everything you put in front of us from seed , fruit and veg

Also we love eating toys and cardboard , my sh dad says he has never known two birds eat their way through cardboard like we can .

We really enjoy our time out ofour cage but you will need to keep one eye on us as we really enjoy stripping wallpaper and pulling on curtains.

We take ourselves back into our cage when we have had enough as well

Angel will let you fuss her but you do need to be wary of Cookie who is very protective of her and will show aggression.

These guys are a bonded pair and come with a extra large cage so van collection would be ideal


Location: Hixon, Staffordshire

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