PP number: PP658

Name: Ronald

Species:  Indian Ringneck

Cage supplied: yes but it's seen better days

Adoption fee: £50


Let me introduce myself.  I'm Ronald, or Ronnie as my safe-house mum likes to call me.  I'm not very old and I'm afraid I didn't have a very good start in life.  It's a long story but because of that it's taken me some time to get back on my little feet.

Since being in my safe-house I've got a nice big cage to play in and around and I love to sit on the top and keep an eye on what my safe house family are up to. 

When I first came here I was very, very frightened and would panic if anyone even came near me, but even after a very short time here I'm getting so much better, and in fact my safe-house mum says I'm getting very nosy as I like to keep an eye on what she's doing and will call to her if she leaves the room.  You see I've realised that  I do like the company that I have now and also like plenty of time out of my cage.  I'm not sure what I'm like with other birds but I really do like to have someone around.  I'm not hand tame at the moment but my family think that because I've made such good progress while with them that I will make a lovely companion for someone that has a little time to spend with me and help me build some trust. 

I haven't been very adventurous with my food yet but I do like blueberries and pomegranate,  but hey it's one step at a time and I've already done so well!

I have a swing which I love to play on, and I've even started to play with the toys I have now too so that just shows how much confidence I have gained.  So if you think you could offer me a home and let me serenade you then please apply. 

Location: Wiltshire

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