PP number: PP661

Name:  George

Species:  Alexandrine

Cage supplied: Yes

Adoption fee: £125


Hello I'm George and I'm a very loving boy. 

I love my food and my favourites are blueberries, red grapes, sugar snaps and walnuts.  Whilst in my safe-house I'm also being offered Tidymix which I really enjoy.

I'm afraid I find it really hard to fly but I will take food from your hand. 

I do love to sit on my swing and then crawl along the top of the cage upside down and if you open the cage I  will only come out when I feel like I am ready.

I will come to you on your hand as long as I'm not on the perch on my cage.

I'm not bothered about children and other animals and my safe-house family say that with some time and patience helping me to build my confidence I will be a fantastic companion. 

Location: West Midlands

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