PP number: 

Name:  BOB

Species:  White eyed conure 

cage supplied: No, i will need a new one to call home 

Adoption fee: £100


Bob is a vocal green fluffy chested little conure. He is extremely clingy. His favourite place to be is snucked up under your hair near your neck.

Bob is slightly neurotic, his chest is plucked, I haven’t seen him pluck since he has been staying with us, and no feathers in his cage but he has a little bald patch and grey down on his chest. 

Bob is super protective of his ‘female’, if he is sat on you and a male approaches you, he becomes irate and sqwakes and gets very cross at them, no biting unless they try to touch him. He doesn’t like men very much at all. He seems tolerant of my daughter, but on his terms only but he tends to ignore everyone if he doesn’t like them and doesn’t actively seek to bite. He has toys in his cage and will occasionally play with them, chewing on them but he prefers to be with his person. He is extremely vocal, loves a good natter, he says hello bob and bob, the rest isn’t understandable but it’s so sweet. 

Food wise, he is eating AS30, no sunflower, no peanuts, veggies, fruits, pasta, soaking seeds/grains/pulses. If he doesn’t like it, he chucks it as he is a typical cheeky chicken. He tolerates my other bird sitting in close proximity having cuddles with us, but at the start he was very nervous of her and flew off. He isn’t bothered by any of the other animals in my house (dogs, cat, rabbits). 

Location: Norfolk

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