PP number: PP858

Name: Scruffy

Species: Mealy Amazon

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee: £150


Hi everyone, my name is Scruffy. I have been with my Safehouse dad for 2 weeks now. I have settled in well with my Safehouse Dad although I will be honest, I much prefer women.

I am fairly quiet for an Amazon. I don't tend to say a great deal but I have said hello on occasion.

My favourite things are spray baths or showers, apple and nuts, I really like walnuts. My safehouse dad has been trying me on a range of strange vegetables, out of all of them I quite like carrot, red pepper and parsnip, I also like scrambled egg and mash potato but Safehouse dad says that's a treat so I'm not allowed it very often.  Safehouse Dad also tries to get me to eat these pellet things, I'll be honest I've not even tried them yet, they are fun to throw around though, I think I would be much happier on a none sunflower, none peanut and fairly low fat seed diet but safehouse dad keeps trying anyway.

I am not very fond of hands but I will go into my cage if you use a stick. I love being out my cage and I like to sit on top of it and watch what you are doing. I don't tend to move around that much but I can fly but I don't do it very often.

I generally like to be left on my own. I am low maintenance, just clean my cage and feed me and I am happy. Radio or TV is a must as I will get bored and chew my cage to pieces.


Location: Warrington

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