PP number: PP782

Name: Diego

Species: Congo African Grey

Cage supplied: No

Adoption fee:  CITES


Hi my name is Diego.

I'm a Congo African grey.  My safe house mummy says I'm a very genuine birdie with some trust issues.  Because of these trust issues I'm not cuddly and don't know how to step up.  I get very worried very easily and when I do I lunge at what's worrying me, although my Safe house mummy says I've made massive improvements in such a short time, I will even let her give me head scratches,  I do  love a good scratch.  But if you catch me on my newly growing feathers I will let you know.

I do pluck but SH mum says I do this when I'm bored, but I have just discovered boxes!  Boxes are awesome I can spend hours chewing them up and then when I get tired I go to sleep.

Now for the good stuff 

I can talk, can say hello, I can whistle the McDonald's theme tune (but never on camera), can intimidate a dog crying ( I do this when I'm worried)  and also do a lot of mumbling... My SH mum has said she's surprised I don't say 'what' cause she never knows what I say.  

I love coming out of my cage and I will spend all day and night on top if I could. Because I pluck I have no flight feathers on my wings but it doesn't stop me flapping.   I quite often scare my SH mum because I look like I'm going to try and take off.

I'm a very good eater but not really sure on veggies but SH mum got me some chop and it's a amazing.  I love apples and grapes 

If you think you have time and patience to teach me how to do all the normally birdie things and teach me that I can love without worrying then please apply

I hope to meet you soon


Location: Walsall

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