PP number: PP516

Name: Jojo 

Species: Congo African Grey

Cage supplied: Yes 

Adoption fee:  CITES


Hi everyone my name is Jojo!

I'm a gorgeous but slightly plucked African Grey.  I'm currently in a safehouse with 2 teenagers and my safe house mum and dad. 

I'm a bit shy when it comes to stepping up and to be honest I just haven't fancied doing it yet.  I think of my cage as my safety blanket and don't always venture off/out of it but I do believe once I gain some confidence in my home I can come sit with you.

My language isn't very lady like and I swear quite often in little arguments with myself but I also have a vocabulary that is child friendly and tell you "night night" - even when I've just woke up as well as "not be long" when you're on your way out of the door.

I am not a ladies bird I'm not aggressive unless you come too close - in my safe house the man is out numbered by the ladies but that doesn't stop me showing off by dangling off the top of my cage.

One of my safe house family says I'm no bother whatsoever and she's always coming over for a chat.

There are other birds in my safe house but I'm not bothered by them.  Me and the other African Grey like to have a chat sometimes too!

If you think you could be the perfect forever home for me please apply.

Location: Durham

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