PP number:  PP540, PP541

Name: Frank and Ben

Species: Quakers

cage supplied: Yes but we think we’d like a new one

Adoption fee:  £150


calling all people crackers about quakers! hello everyone we are Frank and Ben, 2 brothers who are best buds! we have been in our sh now for over 6 months so are longing to find our forever home. We are great company if we say so ourselves, we love human interaction and human company whether it be ladies or men we dont care. We were around older mini humans in our previous home but there are no small/mini humans here but because we can be a bit nippy its prob best we just interact with the older peeps. We love to be out of our cage and hang out ontop of it or with you on the back of the sofa. We are typical quakers in that we are very cage territorial i mean its our space and no one is allowed to invade it and we will tell you off with a nip, you humans need to be trained :) so sh mum pops us in a travel cage to clean our cage. we are really easy birds though if you need us to go back in food always works and we do step up onto a covered arm or hand no problem. My borhter Ben isnt as out going as me, im the boss and tend to be more involved with whats going on but Ben is never far behind me. so what are we like to live with you wonder, some key points

1.we are mega handsome and really easy to live with :)

2.we love human company but we arent hand tame as such, if we see flesh we will nip so our sh mum always uses a tea towl to cover her hand to ask us to step up and we do no probs. we arent crazy aggressive just nippy, I likes to sit on sh mums head and preen her hair, sometimes Ben will join me. Its not advised to let us on your shoulder cause we will nip your face out of the blue, i dont know why we do it but you need to be aware. we love to just hang out with you but are happy in our own company to

3.we arent noisy, the only time the volume goes up is when we are being fed, food time is the best time! but in general we arent loud at all

4.we arent fussy anymore with food, since living with our sh we have been converted onto chop, as30, nutriberries, beaphar pellets and we will eat everything! yum yum yum

5.we love our toys, a card board box and paper are fricken awesome so its not like you have to worry about breaking the budget to entertain us but we do love things we can destroy so wood toys are much appreciated. we love paper weaved through the cage bars

6.We arent bothered by other animals in the house but we can bully other birds

7.we are really entertaining birds, our sh mum says were alot of fun she could watch us for hrs and be in her eliment and am sure the same will be for you to when you adopt us.

8. We love having a bath in our water bowl we tolerate a shower well to, it's lush having a bath

We're not really sure why we havent found a home yet, we are small birds with big personality and we really hope our forever home will find us soon, thankyou for reading about us we are here to answer any questions you may have so feel free to email therehoming team wont you. 

Location: Tredegar

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